Caligula's Cabal Roster

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Members of Caligula's Cabal
Home to 8 cats, of which 3 are Male and 5 are Female.
Rank - - Character - Short Description
Caesar : Caligula - A large, muscular silver tabby tom with one dark blue eye and one pale blue eye
General : Zane - A black bicolor tom with only a single white mark on this throat and green eyes
Heir :
Luminary :
Lieutenants : Drusilla - A tall, tailless sable she-cat with one yellow eye, one green eye, and white toes
Centurions : Paladin - A longhaired gray tabby tom with a white forepaw and green eyes
Mintaka - A stocky, shorthaired she-cat with brown ticked tabby fur and white markings
Tab - A small black cat with dark green eyes
Jade - A sizable bronze Egyptian Mau queen with lime eyes wearing a red collar with a medallion
Matrons :
Wards : Andromeda - A mink tabby bicolor she-kit with medium length fur & aqua eyes
Kits :