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A StarClanner; Formerly a Warrior of ThunderClan
A She-cat by Oakpelt out of ColdgazeBorn Flamekit in the Moon of Tiger's Wrath (2005)* Killed by a predator in the Moon of First White (2008)
Dead at the age of 49 moons (3 years & 9 months)
and has been so for 9 moons (8 months).
Short Description :
A very small, quiet she-cat with dusky-brown fur and dark green eyes
Long Description :
Flamesong is a very small dusk-brown she-cat, who might easily be mistaken with an apprentice for her size. She is very thin, and is not especially strong in battle. That thinness is only emphasized by her short pelt. However, there is a certain gleam and glamor on her golden, furry, long tail and paws. Her belly is a shade lighter than the rest of her body, standing between a light brown and a gold tone. Her eyes are a deep green, with flickers of dull amber. Sometimes, a haunted expression is seen fleeting through them. Her ears are small and rounded, with long brown tufts on the tips, and they frequently twitch when Flamesong is nervous. Her pregnancy and kitting have smoothed her frame, though Flamesong still remains quite thin for a cat her age.
Flamesong is a very quiet cat - she likes a little company, but would not mind to be alone for some time. She is quite secluded and does not like to speak of herself or her feelings. The ones who know her better realize Flamesong is a rather nervous cat, prone to lash out at every cat who scares her or comes up to her unexpectedly. Her temper reflects her namesake - when she finds reason to be scared, she will more likely attack than run away, even considering her fragile figure. She tends to shy away from unknown cats, standing her ground but refusing to stand forward and meet them as well. A wrong move, however, will set her on the fire who named her - striking out in fury to protect herself and her clan.

She is close to her mate Rivertail, and even closer to their son, Eagleflight; any hint of danger aimed at any of these cats is enough to get Flamesong worrying and twisting with anguish, terribly afraid that something might happen to either of them.

Flamesong revealed a very protective aspect of her personality during the moons she passed in the nursery with her kit; extremely wary of any cat that approached Frostkit or herself, she resorted even to physical attacks to protect her family.

Recently returned to Warrior status, she has devoted herself to prove she is as fit a Warrior as any other. Loathe to have Bloodstar and her clanmates look upon her as a useless burden, Flamesong is making twice the effort to prove her worth.
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Full History :
Flamesong was born as Flamekit, the only surviving kit of Coldgaze and Oakpelt. Her mother had a difficult pregnancy, and Flamekit's brother, Graykit, did not last long after the birth. On her turn, the she-kit was scrawny and too small for her own health. The birth had taken place on the end of Leaf-fall, and prey was getting scarce. Tortured by the loss of Graykit, Coldgaze, who never named the father of her kits, starved herself halfway to death, on her urge to save Flamekit. Newleaf came too late for her - in her dedication, Coldgaze had given her life to save the kit, for she had fallen victim of greencough. Hardly old enough to understand the events, Flamekit never forgave her mother for abandoning her.

At seven moons she still looked like a four or five moons old kit, yet she was apprenticed to Bloodpelt (who later became the clan leader as Bloodstar), in hope Flamepaw would be too busy training to drawl on her misery. That ended up happening, to a certain extent - Flamepaw never dropped her silence and seclusion. Deep inside, she blames the death of Coldgaze on herself, and is terribly afraid that the same destiny might happen to those she cares for. Therefore, from an early stage, Flamepaw fought to help the nursing queens taking care of their kits, so as not to exert themselves too much.

At fourteen moons of age, she was given her warrior name, Flamesong. She felt honored by it, of course, but in her heart the she-cat still wished she was a kit or an apprentice. This might be due to the fact that she was approaching her mother's age when she had kits, and she feared the same curse might fall upon her.

Despite all this (or perhaps because of it), her relationship with Rivertail, a warrior of her own clan, has evolved over time; they are the parents of a young tom born Frostkit. As time passed and his apprentice ceremony drew closer, Flamesong withdrew more and more into herself, dreading the day her son would no longer be under her tutelage.

The Moon of First Green of 2007 brought Frostkit's apprenticeship as Eaglepaw, with Fiercestorm becoming his mentor. Thus, Flamesong returned to Warrior status. While she worries constantly whether Fiercestorm is the right mentor for her son, she has adapted to the situation and currently strives to prove herself as a role-model Warrior.

On 24th day of the Moon of First White (2008) Flamesong was amongst the cats who went to track down and take care of the fox. She was killed early in the battle, when she stumbled onto the fox's den and startled the large dog-fox into action.
Sire :
Oakpelt (A black tom with bright green eyes)
Dame :
Coldgaze (A silvered tortoiseshell she-cat with white paws and gray eyes)
Full Siblings :
Graykit (A gray tom-kit with white paws)
Other Family :
Aunt: Sorreltail (A smallish dilute tortoiseshell longhair with tabby markings)
Offspring :
Eagleflight (A black tom with white toes, large ears and bright blue eyes)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Rivertail (A blue-gray tom with eyes of different shades of blue)
Mentor :
Bloodstar (A huge, foul tempered tom with blood red fur)
Mentor of :
Owlstrike (A blue tabby van she-cat with hazel eyes)
Others :
Player's Notes
General :
Trivia information about Flamesong
  • Gave birth to her first litter in the 13th day of the Moon of First White (2006).
  • Returned to Warrior status in the 4th day of the Moon of First Green (2007).
Featured in Two cents' worth, written by Willow.
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Name Notes :
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Bans Information:
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Flamesong is a Female cat with Short Black Mackerel Tabby fur.
She is of Small size and Semi-foreign build. She has Green eyes and a Long tail. She is of non-purebred decent.
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