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CoSC is currently administrated by Kitsufox and Fae~o~the~Wind. A full list of staff members may be found on our Staff Page.

Can't Signup?

If you are having issues signing up for an account, it may be because you are not answering the captcha question above the sign up form. Most questions come from Into the Wild by Erin Hunter, the first book of the Warriors Series. A few of the questions relate to the names of the authors behind the warriors series.

If you are correctly answering questions and still unable to create an account please fill out the following form and send it to Kitsufox via Email.


Kitsu will then set up an account for you by hand, sending it to you with a temporary password (that you will want to change immediately). We apologize for any inconvenience if you are unable to sign up, and hope that this process will encourage you to join us anyways.