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The Adoption Department is devoted to coordinating and organizing character adoptions of various types and ensureing that the rules remain enforced and maintained.

Rules for Adopting Characters

The following set of rules reflects those that must be complied with in making adoption offers.

  1. Limit yourself to a single pending request at one time.
  2. Understand that, even without competition for the character, you may not be approved for it.
  3. If the adoptable you are seeking is a kitten from a litter that is not yet born/born within the current IC moon you must have your character creation slot open (this means no characters pending for approval).
  4. If you wish to withdraw an offer you have made on a character do not remove the offer, simply change the status of it to "Withdrawn".
  5. If you have withdrawn an offer that offer may not be reinstated. A completely new offer must be made. Understand that waffling like this and being unable to commit does not make your application look good.

Easement Program Rules & Info

Our Easement Program is designed so that new players can have an opportunity to adopt a character without missing out on the very important experience of the character apps process. When an Eased offer is accepted, the character sheet goes through the editing process to fill in the missing time and make sure the sheet is 100% up to scratch.


  1. You must have your character creation slot available to make an eased offer (AKA: You must have no pending characters).
  2. You may only make eased offers on characters that are marked as Eased, but Kitsufox welcomes you to ask her if it is possible to ease an character not in the program that you might be interested in.
  3. You must fulfill the easement requirements described on the discussion page before an eased adoption is finalized and you take final possession of the character.

Rules for Offering a Character for Adoption

Fulfill the Player Offered Character Adoption Terms:

  1. Agree to promptly respond to any players making offers with your acceptance or refusal of that offer.
  2. Agree to only adopt this character out to a player who already possesses at least one approved character.
  3. Agree to resolve your character using the method you describe below in a timely manner.
  4. This character does not possess a ranked position in any group. If you wish to adopt out a ranked character, please discuss the matter with the Administrators, who will help you devise a plan forward that is effective for both you and CoSC.

Where to find things

  • Instructions
    • Rules for adopting characters
    • Rules for offering adoptions
  • Offer for Adoption
    • Instructions for putting a character up for adoption
    • Link to the Family Finder
  • General Adoptions
    • Adoptable Characters
    • Available Characters from In Character Litter
    • Player Offered Adoptions
    • Family Finder Adoptions
  • Special Adoptions
    • Rank Adoptions available via the Applications Department
    • Eased Adoptions
    • Characters Living Off Camera eligible for Petition to Return to Camera
  • Confiscations
    • A list of recoverable confiscated characters
    • A list of confiscated characters becoming adoptable soon

Offer a Character For Adoption

For the first time in CoSC History we have made offering a character you possess simple. To do so simply go to the character sheet, scroll down and the find the "Special Forms" list near the bottom. Click "Adoption", and then select "Offer for Adoption" in the setup area. There are no special rules save that you must fulfill the terms of the Player Offered Adoption Agreement detailed in the form you fill out to post your character for adoption.

Offer an NPC Family Member for Adoption

Due to the obscure and underground nature of the old Family Finder, a system was implemented on 24 June 2010 that integrated it fully into the Adoptions Department. This has, however, made the process of offering an NPC character more complicated, and in accordance instructions are now located on a Subpage. It has been decided that, as of June 2017, the Family Finder needs an overhaul. Expect this system to be streamlined and improved soon.

All adoptable characters found in this section are limited to those players who already have at least one approved character. If you are a new player but wish to adopt, check the Family Finder Section, where all family member adoptions are posted or visit the section covering eased adoptions which is below. A copy of the adoptable family finder characters is also located below.

Adoptable Characters

These adoptions originate from either surrenders or players offering them up. Characters end up on this list when players decide to limit character numbers to increase activity, or players leave the game and make arrangements for thier characters.

There are currently a total of 29 Adoptable Characters
Alderleaf, Warrior of ThunderClan (Talk Page)
Walnutfall, Warrior of RiverClan (Talk Page)
Ocelotl, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Xochiquetzal, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Pablo, Semi-feral Cat (Talk Page)
Ofelia, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Cheshire, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Hawkmist, Warrior of ShadowClan (Talk Page)
Schatzi, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Meriwether, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Owlfeather, Warrior of WindClan (Talk Page)
Paladin, Centurion of Caligula's Cabal (Talk Page)
Lionheart, Elder of ShadowClan (Talk Page)
Rosestorm, Warrior of ThunderClan (Talk Page)
Serendipity, Dame of the Cats of Camelot (Talk Page)
Seafur, Elder of RiverClan (Talk Page)
Sophie, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Frostcloud, Warrior of WindClan (Talk Page)
Theophrastus, Knight of the Cats of Camelot (Talk Page)
Hollyfeather, Warrior of WindClan (Talk Page)
Plato, Knight of the Cats of Camelot (Talk Page)
Horus, Semi-feral Cat (Talk Page)
Smokedrift, Warrior of ThunderClan (Talk Page)
Sixclaw, Elder of ThunderClan (Talk Page)
Marshstorm, Warrior of ShadowClan (Talk Page)
Flickercloud, Warrior of ShadowClan (Talk Page)
Otterpelt, Warrior of RiverClan (Talk Page)
Wrenkit, Kit of ShadowClan (Talk Page)
Sunblossom, Queen of ShadowClan (Talk Page)

IC Litters

In Character litters sometimes contain kittens that need players. Standard adoption rules apply to those on the standard list, and those eligible for easement are on the eased list. If the kitten is on the unnamed list don't forget to include a name proposal in your application (which the link will take you directly to).

There are currently no Adoptable Kittens

Player Offered

Privately Offered Adoptions

These characters have been previously played by an owner but are being placed up for adoption by that original player.

There are currently no Privatly Offered Adoptable Characters

Family Finder Characters

These characters are those that were mentioned in the character sheets of another and that player decided to seek a new player rather than having them be killed off during the history of the character. These characters have IC ties already but have typically not appeared IC. It should be noted that a player must undertake the approvals process to have these characters fully accepted as NPCs.

There are currently no Adoptable Named Family Members

There are currently no Adoptable Unnamed Family Members

Ranked Adoptions

These adoptions are those that will result in the taking of a place on the staff. Please understand that, without a history with the game, you simply will not be eligible for the character. If you have questions about your eligibility, contact Kitsufox.

There are currently a total of 4 Adoptable Ranked Characters
Fernheart, Deputy of RiverClan (Talk Page)
Dawnstar, Leader of WindClan (Talk Page)
Sparrowsong, Medicine Cat of ThunderClan (Talk Page)
Fiercestar (storm), Leader of ThunderClan (Talk Page)

Please note that this list only includes actual characters, and does not include applications for ranks without characters in them already. Please consult the Rank Applications Section for a complete list of available open applications.

Eased Adoptions

Characters available under 'Eased Adoption' are eligible to be adopted by players without approved characters. General adoptions offers will still be accepted and always have priority over offers made under easement rules. If you make an Offer under the Easement Rules, you will be expected to go through character approvals with the character to correct any faults and improve the quality of the sheet. Requirements for eased adoption corrections are available on the talk page of the character.

Improvements will be made after adoption, but the character will be supervised by the administration via the standard approvals process. Templates for approvals will be restored to the sheet at the time the adoption is approved. These improvements will be expected to happen within a month of the original acceptance of the offer, but extensions to this may be acquired by talking to Kitsufox.

There are currently a total of 1 Eased Adoptable Characters
Owlfeather, Warrior of WindClan (Talk Page)

Characters Living Off Camera

Characters who are "Living Off Camera" have been removed from the game by having them moved by their twolegs or other means to a location that is "Off Camera". This means they live outside the area that is role played. While not adoptable under traditional rules, you can petition to return them to camera. This is much like a traditional adoption, but with the requirement that you cover missing time in the history prior to beginning to role play the character.

There are currently a total of 36 Off Camera Characters
Jack, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Tia, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Victor, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Victoria, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Tigercoat, Feral Cat (Talk Page)
Cloverleaf, Feral Cat (Talk Page)
Bennu, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Kemintiri, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Robin, Semi-feral Cat (Talk Page)
Pheonix, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Tempest, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Calypso, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Isla, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Azim, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Celia, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Shanti, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
George, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Xolotl, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Jet, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Nia, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Paris, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Feu de la Nuit, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Cordon, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Osiris, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Jun, Semi-feral Cat (Talk Page)
Cassidy, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Jonathon II, Feral Cat (Talk Page)
Elenor, Feral Cat (Talk Page)
Fionnuala, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Bastet, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Rigel, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Alnilam, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Mr. Gray, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Quinter, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Tori, Semi-feral Cat (Talk Page)
Jessa, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)

Recoverable Confiscations

While not yet available for adoption, characters on this list are in a recovery period to see if their original players wish to attempt to explain their absence and recover their character. When the recovery window closes they will be moved to the Confiscated Characters list for processing into Adoptions.

There are currently no Recoverable Confiscated Characters

Coming to Adoption Soon

Characters on this list have been CONed and may no longer be adopted by their former players. They will be coming soon to adoption. If you're interested in one of them, you should contact Kitsufox to let her know she should expedite that character's appearance on the adoption rolls!

There are currently a total of 49 Confiscated Characters Waiting for Processing
Graysky, Warrior of WindClan (Talk Page)
Crescentglow, Senior Warrior of ShadowClan (Talk Page)
Dinah, Semi-feral Cat (Talk Page)
Squallstrike, Warrior of ThunderClan (Talk Page)
Dusktalon, Senior Warrior of WindClan (Talk Page)
Cinderstar, Leader of RiverClan (Talk Page)
Falcon, Feral Cat (Talk Page)
Lionfrost, Warrior of RiverClan (Talk Page)
Isis, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Caligula, Caesar of Caligula's Cabal (Talk Page)
Stonestrike, Warrior of WindClan (Talk Page)
Falcondash, Warrior of WindClan (Talk Page)
Cardinalflight, Warrior of RiverClan (Talk Page)
Aspenbright, Deputy of ShadowClan (Talk Page)
Speckledfury, Warrior of ThunderClan (Talk Page)
Frozensky, Warrior of WindClan (Talk Page)
Tab, Centurion of Caligula's Cabal (Talk Page)
Sebastien III, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Rosefrost, Warrior of ThunderClan (Talk Page)
Cearnaigh, Prince of the Cats of Camelot (Talk Page)
Gareth, Prince of the Cats of Camelot (Talk Page)
Ivynose, Warrior of WindClan (Talk Page)
Allister, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Lobo, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Zora, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Ivystripe, Warrior of RiverClan (Talk Page)
Berry, Semi-feral Cat (Talk Page)
Aliz, Domestic Cat (Talk Page)
Birchflight, Warrior of RiverClan (Talk Page)
Mothflight, Warrior of ShadowClan (Talk Page)
Silentcreek, Warrior of ShadowClan (Talk Page)
Brackenberry, Warrior of ShadowClan (Talk Page)
Faye, Semi-feral Cat (Talk Page)
Tigerdusk, Warrior of ThunderClan (Talk Page)
Owlstrike, Warrior of ThunderClan (Talk Page)
Earthstorm, Warrior of WindClan (Talk Page)
Valiant, Queen of the Cats of Camelot (Talk Page)
Lilywhisker, Senior Warrior of ShadowClan (Talk Page)
Drusilla, Lieutenant of Caligula's Cabal (Talk Page)
Hazewing, Senior Warrior of ShadowClan (Talk Page)
Arthur, Crown Prince of the Cats of Camelot (Talk Page)
Nightsong, Warrior of ShadowClan (Talk Page)
Jade, Centurion of Caligula's Cabal (Talk Page)
Skyfall, Warrior of ThunderClan (Talk Page)
Amberstorm, Warrior of RiverClan (Talk Page)
Rainkit, Kit of ThunderClan (Talk Page)
Ashpaw, Apprentice of RiverClan (Talk Page)
Willowpaw, Apprentice of WindClan (Talk Page)
Crowpaw, Apprentice of RiverClan (Talk Page)