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Applications Department - Index


Medicine Cat - [OPEN]
Medicine Cat Apprentice - [OPEN]
Leader - [OPEN]
Deputy - [OPEN]


Deputy - [OPEN]
Medicine Cat Apprentice - [CLOSED]
Leader - [CLOSED]
Medicine Cat Apprentice - [CLOSED]


Leader - [OPEN]
Medicine Cat - [CLOSED]
Deputy - [CLOSED]
Medicine Cat Apprentice - [CLOSED]


Deputy - [OPEN]
Medicine Cat Apprentice - [CLOSED]
Medicine Cat - [CLOSED]
Leader - [CLOSED]

Caligula's Cabal

General - [CLOSED]
Caesar - [CLOSED]
Luminary - [CLOSED]
Heir - [CLOSED]

Cats of Camelot

Crowned Consort - [CLOSED]
Queen - [CLOSED]
King - [CLOSED]
Crowned Heir - [CLOSED]

CoSC takes the applications process for acquiring ranks very very seriously. Because of this it's a long and detailed process. This stems from the ties the IC ranks have to the OOC ones.

Application Process

Read the application, and respond to it in accordance with the given instructions. Please save only complete applications, making sure to check your formating and preform repairs promptly if you wish them to count. If Kitsu is forced to fix them, this will be noted.

Kitsu will then copy the application to the Staff forum for deliberation and mark it "Pending". Any edits made after an application is marked as pending will not be considered by the Staff. Any application you post should be complete and need no further editing.

If an application is going to be considered viable, it will remain "Pending", or be declined.

A final deliberation will occur after the closing of the application, in which one of the remaining applicants is selected.

Rank Rules

1.) The application must be filled out in accordance with instructions. Failure to the use the correct system to apply will be taken as a reason to immediately decline an application. It's not a complicated system, and failure to be able to follow instructions (or ask questions if you're confused) will be held against you.

2.) A single player may only play 2 ranked characters, total. 1 leader or deputy, and 1 MC or MCA without the express permission of the administration (Situations with more than the standard two ranks are typically situations where a temporary rank is being held until such time as the ideal candidate is able to take the throne).

3.) A single player may not play more than one rank in a single group. This can be overridden with special administrator permission.

Ranks & Group Codes

Group Codes

Code - Full Group Name

TC - ThunderClan
RC - RiverClan
WC - WindClan
SC - ShadowClan
CoC - Cats of Camelot
CC - Caligula's Cabal

Clan Ranks

Code - Full Rank Title

L - Leader
D - Deputy
MC - Medicine Cat
MCA - Med. Cat's Apprentice

Cats of Camelot Ranks

Code - Full Rank Title

K - King
Q - Queen
CH - Crowned Heir
CC - Crown Consort

Caligula's Cabal Ranks

Code - Full Rank Title

C - Caesar
G - General
L - Luminary
H - Heir

The Applications

Open Applications

ShadowClan Deputy
RiverClan Deputy
ThunderClan Medicine Cat
ThunderClan Medicine Cat Apprentice
WindClan Leader
ThunderClan Leader
ThunderClan Deputy

Pending Applications

Cats of Camelot Crowned Consort

Closed Applications

Caligula's Cabal Caesar
Cats of Camelot Queen
Cats of Camelot King
ShadowClan Medicine Cat
ShadowClan Leader
RiverClan Medicine Cat Apprentice
RiverClan Leader
RiverClan Medicine Cat Apprentice
WindClan Medicine Cat
WindClan Deputy
WindClan Medicine Cat Apprentice
Cats of Camelot Crowned Heir
ShadowClan Medicine Cat Apprentice
Caligula's Cabal Heir
Caligula's Cabal General
Caligula's Cabal Luminary