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Genealogy Department
Department Mission
  • To provide family trees for every character in the game.
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CoSC has a template for displaying and outputting family trees called {{Chart}}. This well documented template is one designed by Wikipedia to display family trees. Every family tree for the game needs to be hand configured, and in accordance with this they are to be templated so a single tree can be used for as many characters as possible without having to reprint and re-edit individual trees when changes happen. Using Templates a single edit can change the tree on the page of every character using it.

Creating Family Trees


Family trees are to be created using the {{Chart}}, {{Easytree}} or {{Cheattree}} template and stored on a Genealogy page so that many cats can reference the same tree without needing to hand-edit each member to update the tree. If you have further questions about usage of the Chart Template, please direct your questions to Kitsufox. Preferably the line would be named after the furthest back iconic character that is available, but in cases where this is not possible creativity should be employed in selecting the line name to properly describe the line in a straightforward name (combining the founding pair's names, for example).

Enter the name the tree will be known by in the box.
The prefix "Genealogy:" will be added automatically.'

Characters Who Need Family Trees

Living Characters

No living characters currently need family trees

Dead Characters

        Adding a Tree to a Character

        In the {{Character}} template on the character page, find the familytree= field. Characters without trees should have 'Notree' entered in the box, which you will replace with :Genealogy:<TREENAME>, of course replacing <TREENAME> with the name that has been applied to that individual line.

        Completed Family Trees

        Using {{Chart}}

        Using {{Easytree}}

        Using {{Cheattree}}

        Tree Changes

        Adding Family

        In some cases, players might decide to make their characters related through discussion in the Game Related Chatter Forum. When changes like this are made, it is best that the approval of the admin team be sought (feel free to use the Genealogy Talk Page to request permission) to ensure continuity isn't damaged with the change. Keep in mind the players of all characters on the tree or trees affected must be gained.


        Mistakes or errors may be corrected freely. If you find one ;) Fix it. Just make a note on the talk page of the tree about the fix, so that no one mistakes the correction for vandalism.