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Genetics Department
Department Mission
  • To provide genetic information for every character who procreates in game, and to provide genotypes as requested by players.
Genetics Information
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CoSC Prides itself on using real genetics for characters. In accordance, we do need to assign genetics to characters. This project is how we go about doing it.

How To Apply For a Genotype

Edit your character with the form, and set your character's "Genetics" option to "Request". As soon as possible a member of the Genetics Department will begin the process. Please be ready, you may be contacted to establish details such as potential colors for parents or siblings. If you do not already have a family tree, an expedite request with the Genealogy Department will be handled by your Genetics Department Member.

Awaiting Genotypes

The following lists of characters are those that require genotypes. Genotypes will be assigned to these characters by members of the Genetics Department.

There are currently no pending genotype requests.

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