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Litters Department
Department Mission
  • Manage all litters for CoSC.
Litters Information
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Here at CoSC we consider the addition of IC litters to be a very serious matter. In accordance we work to keep careful tabs on IC relationship and reward our more active players with the right to in character litters. In addition to the OOC Activity factors and the various IC concerns, we also work to encourage genetic diversity in game and make sure each litter brings something to the table that might be valuable to helping establish and blend various gene pools.

Relationship Tracking

Relationship tracking is an important aspect of our mission to ensure well RPed relationships and keep detailed records of the matters. In accordance the first step to any relationship is establishing IC history between the characters and proving the relationship via our relationship tracking methods.

Application Process

Stored away on its own page is the application instructions and the various links to the application itself. Please read carefully and consult Kitsu should you run into any questions.
Handy Tools

Submitted Applications

Now tucked away are the various litters that have been submitted for processing. If you wish to check the status of an application or investigate the possibility of incoming litters, this is the place to go.

Kitten Characters

The point of litters is to create kittens for the clans. Hidden away on the sub-page are all of the instructions for setting up adoptions and the creation of kittens if you are approved for adoption.

Available Kittens

Players without already approved characters are not permitted to adopt kitten characters unless they are eased. The players of a kitten's parents can petition for an Easement on a kitten character no earlier than 2 weeks prior to the first moon-change following the one the kitten is born during (and if it is not adopted by that moon-change, then the character will be provided an appropriate death). Any litter with stillborn kits in it that receives a great deal of interest might be revised to have that kitten born alive (if no adoptions are available to be filed, simply drop a PM to Kitsufox expressing your interest, using the litter id as the subject).
Ripplekit (Speckledfury)