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Name History Department
Department Mission
  • To manage and maintain the status of name history requests for the game as a whole.
Other Departments

Project Name History is tasked with the creation and maintenance of the pages in the Character Redirects Category. This task is detail oriented, and requires attention be paid for characters whose names change as they age. Players tending to this aid in ensuring that the game records are accurate and characters can be found in the database even when the current name isn't known.

Name History Needed

The characters on this list all need complete name history information added.

    Name History Investigation

    The characters on this list need to have name history status investigated. Use the following steps to clear a character from this list:

    1. Review the character's Key Dates section and follow the links to the name history pages and make sure the character appears on them.
    2. Edit the character sheet's "Notes" section so that the name history section reflects if the character has been added or not.