Create Clan

From Children of StarClan

This is the "Create Clan" form.

Rules & Guidelines for Character Creation

  1. No player may have more than 1 character pending at any given time. (Any additional characters submitted beyond the one you are permitted will be immediately deleted. Exceptions are made for Import Characters and NPC Parents of PCs).
  2. Instructions, Guidelines and general help has been compiled into a Handy Guide. Use it!
  3. Players are limited to 4 total clan characters. (Elders do not count towards this limit, but cannot be created.)
  4. CoSC does not allow the creation of Kittens or Apprentices without express special permissions. View Kitsu's Full Statement on the Subject, detailing why.

Enter the CHARACTER NAME in this box. If you enter anything else, you're doing it wrong.


If you don't have explicit permission from Kitsufox you shouldn't be making a Kit or Apprentice.