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Site Specific Lingo


  • Crack!Clan - Sometimes characters with huge errors that completely ignore the rules are submitted. Kitsu, who processes character sheets, sometimes needs to vent about the things she has to respond to seriously. It's a private forum that the Staff has access to. Occasionally characters are submitted that never leave Crack!Clan. A few of those extraordinarily bad characters came to be featured in Forcestar's Fanfic Crack!Clan's Revenge.
  • Off-camera - Used to refer to events that happen but are not written out in role play. This also refers to things that have happened but have been written up in stories about our characters that are considered official and appear on the website.
  • Probation - Not all violations of the rules result in a player being evicted from the game (only the worst result in that). Generally speaking players who violate the rules badly enough to require punishment are placed on "probation" in which they undergo a series of reviews to ensure that they have continued to follow the game rules. Players on probation (who know who they are, we keep no public list of them) are not permitted to apply for ranks, and are frequently subject to a restriction on character creation.
  • Public Service Announcement (PSA) - PSAs are rules supplements issued by Kitsu that will be worked into the rules but currently are on the PSA listed instead. It was started as a quick way to clarify or document rules when it was needed without details like the proper place for inclusion being able to slow the process of issuing the documentation. PSAs are worked into the main rules and retired by the administration.
  • Realm of Experience (RoE) - Refers to the world the characters can directly experience. Usually used in reference to clanners, but could be used in other situations.
  • Talk Page - Every page on the site has a 'talk' or 'discussion' page where the contents of the page can be discussed. Typically they're used for adoption processes and the like with the exception of Userpage talk pages, which are used to communicate with the user the page belongs to.
  • Userpage - Used to refer to the page located at User:Username. Every user has one and is free to customize it within the rules.

Plot Types

  • World Plot - A plot that effects the game world significantly. They do not need to effect every character, but at a minimum every character within a certain sphere of the game (IE: Clan Cats, Non-Clan Cats, ect)
  • Intergroup Plots - A plot that involves one or more of the district groups of characters within the game. (IE: ThunderClan & RiverClan, WindClan & Clawpone's Gang, ect)
  • Group Plots - A plot that involves a complete group of characters and effects them significantly. (IE: ThunderClan, Cats of Camelot, ect)
  • Plot - A plot that involves a specific group of characters by have potential to possibly become another form of plot (IE: Interclan mating, anything specific involving a leader, an illness, ect)
  • Tiny Plot - A plot that involves a specific group of characters and will not go beyond that group. (IE: Relationship plot with two same-claned characters, a hunting thread, ect)

Information Setups

Creating Weather Records

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Forms & Templates

Templates and forms are tools that we use all over this website. These references are intended for finding specific things for purposes of editing. If you're trying to find something for use, it is recommended that you find the source location of it so you have full view of the instructions you need for using it.

  • Templates - Wiki oriented tools that control how content appears on the pages it is displayed on.
  • Forms - Tools designed to help users correctly fill out templates.
  • Styling - Kitsu's system for creating templates for style. Most use {{ColorVars}}