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The Cabal were founded by Caligula with the purpose of attaining a territory and expanding into an Empire as Caligula, as the Caesar, sees fit for his own selfish purposes as he sees himself as an image of perfection others seek to idolize.

Rank Structure

  • Caesar: Ruler of the Cabal, this tom is the Leader, Commander, and Chief all rolled into one. They make the rules and dish out the punishments.
  • General: Second in command only to the Caesar. He or she shall inherit the title of Caesar should the present fall.
  • Heir/Heiress: Offspring of the Caesar and their mate to inherit the Cabal and continue on with the former's ambitions. Usually the first born son.
  • Luminary: The sole cat who is designated 'Healer' of the Cabal. They are expected to know how to treat wounds and sickness as well as collect and store herbs for safekeeping.
  • Lieutenants: These cats are the highest amongst the Centurions. They are few in number but represent the Caesar's inner circle of trust and act as his consuls.
  • Centurions (Soldier): Cats that are the combatants and offensive units of the Cabal. In times of peace those under the soldiering title often split up their duties; In their spare time they train amongst themselves and secondly relieve border patrol. Yet in times of war, they become a fighting force. They are used in regulating and controlling internal affairs, and are also used in dealing with… problematic individuals.
    Cats wishing to join the Cabal as Centurions must accept Caesar as their leader and must give their loyalties.
  • Matrons: A female cat pregnant or nursing kits.
  • Ward: A weaned cat old enough to be given a centurion to mentor them. They are given some of the more demeaning tasks of the group which consists of performing errands for their mentor and waiting on Caesar and their commanders, with the more usual duties of accompanying their mentors on border patrols and training with other wards. They usually graduate into becoming Centurions between teen and twelve months.
  • Kit: Cats born to a member of group prior to their weaning. A kit can be considered to become a ward between eight and twelve weeks.

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  • Adult – Cats who have graduated to the rank of Centurion. This is the only time when these cats are allowed to take mates and have offspring.
  • Ward – Any weaned cat not of age to become a Centurion.
  • Council - A formal hearing in which Caesar permits others to approach and speak to him or when he addressed his members.
  • Caesar - Supreme Ruler. All cats of low status should address the Caesar as such and never his real name out of respect.
  • High Status” - Cats of the upper ranks. Caesar as well as the General and Lieutenants.
  • Middle Status – Cats who fit into the rank of Centurion and Luminary.
  • Low Status – Any cat not of military ranking including kits, wards, and pregnant or nursing she-cats.
  • Clanner – A cat of the clans.
  • Royalty – The rank fit for Caesar only, as he considers himself such. When the crowned heir is named to become the next Caesar, royalty passes onto them.



In order to become the strongest and most fit creatures in the forest, Caligula commands that all cats be taught strategy and the art of fighting whenever the opportunity permits.

Odes to Caligula

Used as a means of instilling respect and devotion in young kits, usually sung to them by their mother.

The First Ode

The Empire is here, the sun is bright.
From Rome rises Caesar Caligula.
He strives to right the forest,
Hurrah, He is the great leader!
Caesar Caligula defends his subjects
Our guide against invaders
to building a new Empire
Hail Caesar, lead us forward!

The Second Ode

I'll sing you a song of Caesar Caligula
He's the greatest cat I know
If you have anything against this opinion
I think you'd better go
In the Empire in its finest, everything is new
A great and wonderful home created just for you
A land of strength and wisdom where Caesar stands fast
We've got a lotta territory, our power unsurpassed.
This is Caligula’s Cabal, Caesar gives it strength
To rule and right the forest, to defend at every length


Current Order of Succession of the Cabal

Mating and Pregnancy Amongst the Cabal

Group members are not expected to take proper mates, as it is not preferred to keep many emotional ties in the line of duty.

To be eligible for mating, it is strictly enforced that all cats must be at least twelve months old.

By no means does the Cabal mate outside of the group, and especially not with kittypets and active clan cats.

All she-cats wanting to bear kits must first seek approval of Caesar, who has to see them as strong and fit enough to pass on their genes to the next generation.

  • Centurions: She-cats who become pregnant automatically must shift status to Matron.