From Children of StarClan

The CoSC Game prides itself on establishing a canon all its own, that has many details that are considered unshakable aspects of the universe. In accordance, we are doing our best to document and track the canon of the past and the new history that develops as we go.


The Markedkit Prophecy (MkP)
The Dogkit
Rise of the Killer (RotK)
Leopard's Betrayal
Strike Against ThunderClan
The Wings of Death (WoD)
Gingered Roses
Four for the Future (FftF)
The Return of Censored (Ro_)

Reference Documents

Brief Plot Overview (Needs an Update)
Plot Timeline
ThunderClan Event Timeline (Coming Soon)
RiverClan Event Timeline (Coming Soon)
WindClan Event Timeline (Coming Soon)
ShadowClan Event Timeline (Coming Soon)
Clan Leadership History
Clan Deputy History
Clan Medicine Cat History

Detailed Histories

Cats of Camelot History
Clan Cats History
Clanless Cats History
RiverClan History
ShadowClan History
ThunderClan History
WindClan History