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Children of StarClan is a Warriors game like no other. We started back when the Original Story arc was the only arc. In accordance, we had to make up a great deal of what we know about the Warriors world as we went along. When the books continued, we decided to stick with our version instead of using the New Prophecy and onward changes (which constituted a major change from the original series, lightening the world and altering the feel CoSC had achieved).

NEW PLAYERS: If you have familiarized yourself with the overview you are ready to face down character creation. Just be ready to refer to the links in the overview when you use items mentioned in it in your profiles. Particularly where section #4 is concerned. You do not need to know our history in detail, so long as it complies with the Plot Timeline and respects our Leadership Records (IE: you don't make up Leaders, Deputies or Medicine Cats, you use those from our lists.)

Key Differences

  1. Warriors Code used is an alternate version
  2. Forest Map uses borders that are not fandom-standard
  3. Ceremonies
    • MC/MCA ceremonies do not match those from the books
    • Leader/Deputy resignation have their own special ceremonies
  4. Traditions & Societal Norms
    • At Mother's Knee all kittens are taught certain things (as explained in the link), and any variant of personal opinion, view or training is required to be explained in the history.
    • Apprentice Training runs on a very different schedule of expectations.
    • Combat Practice/Training is always preformed without claws. Using claws on clanmates is unacceptable.
    • Crushes are not considered normal.
    • Death does not result in any time off, even for the offspring of a cat.
    • Cats with Disabilities are not granted special allowances for any rank (including Medicine Cat).
    • Great Cat Names are rarely used unless a cat earns it.
    • Insanity does not get a cat allowances. There is no mental health care in the CoSC Clans.
    • Kits are named by the leader, using names request by the mother. The leader has the right to veto any names they do not feel are acceptable.
    • Legends used at CoSC are original and written just for us. We do not use SotC or CotC.
    • Mates and Mating
      • Mating is informal and non-exclusive (IE: Cats do not have mates, they mate).
      • Toms do not approach queens asking for litters. Queens approach the tom they desire to sire their litter.
    • Senior Warriors are appointed by leaders. It does not have an age contingent: They represent the inner circle of the leader, the cats he or she trusts to lead patrols and mentor apprentices.
  5. Medicine is different here.
  6. Clan Stereotypes do not hold true here. See the various clan pages for our stereotypes (TC, RC, WC & SC)
  7. The History of CoSC is well developed and all sheets must fit within it.

The files listed in this section describe the Clan Cat Society interpretation supported by CoSC.

The files listed in this section describe the Training a cat is required for various ranks at CoSC.