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  • This PSA was originally made on Thu May 24, 2007 6:58 am at the original PHPNuke website.
  • It was updated 26 May 2017.


  1. The 'Warriors' book series which inspired this game is Copyright © Working Partners Limited
  2. CoSC's Website Code is Copyright © 2005-2017 Kitsufox Productions INC.
  3. CoSC's Concept, Plots, and Suchlike (that differ from the plot & information provided by Working Partners limited) are Copyright © 2005-2007 Kitsufox & Silith (Ashstar), 2007-2009 Kitsufox, Gorse, & Willow, 2009-2012 Kitsufox & Gorse, 2012-2014 Kitsufox, and 2014-2017 Kitsufox & Fae~o~the~Wind.
  4. The CoSC Website holds a proprietary right to the sole use of all plot concepts created for use on the site by the various creators. This includes minor plots and means that no plot created (and thus owned) by the Admin team may be used outside this site without express written permission of the other Admins.
  5. Character concepts are Copyright © 2007-2017 to their respective creators.
  6. 4b-Character text is Copyright © 2007-2017 to CoSC's Administration

This means:

  • Working Partners Limited claims ownership the Warriors Series.
  • Kitsufox Productions owns this website & its systems.
  • Kitsufox & Silith own The plots, rules, and custom canon of CoSC written at Gamestart.
  • Kitsufox, Willow & Gorse own the plots, rules and custom canon of CoSC written while all three admined the site together.
  • Kitsufox & Gorse own the plots, rules and custom canon of CoSC written after Willow left.
  • Kitsufox owns the plots, rules and custom canon of CoSC written after Gorse left.
  • Kitsufox & Fae~o~the~Wind own the plots, rules and custom canon of CoSC written after Fae became Admin.
  • Players own the general concept behind their own characters.
  • Kitsufox owns the text that appears on your character sheet.

CoSC Claims ownership of character text so that we have the right (and the authority) to pursue justice for violations of your intellectual property rights.
This act also gives us the right to redistribute ownership of a character's playing rights to another player should a player vanish.

If a player wishes to use the text of a sheet that appears on this site they must obtain permission from the Administration Team. Though why you would want to do so with our custom canon and highly world-specific orientation we would never understand... Despite that, any player willing to remove custom-content elements from a character sheet will be granted permission to carry away their character.

Any questions, feel free to ask on the discussion page.