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The RiverClan of the books is a petty group seemingly lazy compared to the rest of the Clans due to their very different hunting strategy, with time even to worry about such wastes of time as decorating their dens with things they've found. CoSC's RiverClan is rather different.



Details on RiverClan's territory will be forthcoming soon.


While fish is the primary food of RiverClan for 3 seasons of the year (Leaf-bare renders the river un-fish-able and sends the fish into hibernation), leading to their perfected fishing tactics, stream-side rodents such as water-voles are also frequently hunted. While they are not experts at hunting them, rabbits can be found in Northfield, and squirrels frequent the River Copse. These staples are supplemented with mice and birds.



Lifetimes of fishing has resulted in a Clan with an unusually high number of cats with well developed patience. In the same vein they are commonly very stubborn. Amongst the other Clans these traits have become well known simply due to passing patrols seeing a cat fishing when they pass and seeing the same cat in the same place upon their return trek.


A discussion of the common physical traits of RiverClan's cats will be forthcoming soon.

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Members of RiverClan
Home to 19 cats, of which 9 are Male and 10 are Female.
Rank - Character - Short Description
Leader : Cinderstar - A seal point and white tom with a lanky build and blue eyes
Deputy : Fernheart - A gray tabby bi-color she-cat with a slightly fluffy tail and amber eyes
Medicine Cat : Heronflight - A mostly brown tortoiseshell tabby she-cat with yellow-green eyes
Medicine Cat Apprentice : Hailpaw (Icystone) - A cream, gray and white patched she-kit with hazel eyes
Senior Warriors : Duckfeather - A young blue-eyed pale-coated calico she-cat with white feet, belly and throat
Minnowleaf - A calico she-cat with pale blue eyes and a fluffy tail.
Warriors : Cardinalflight - A blue-eyed red tabby tom with white forelegs, chest and face
Walnutfall - A blue classic tabby tom with large yellow eyes
Silverlark - A gray tabby she-cat with green eyes
Lionfrost - A blue spotted tabby tom with gold eyes
Charredleaf - A tortoiseshell and white she-cat with orange eyes
Otterpelt - A solidly built sable tom with a white locket on his chest and amber eyes
Amberstorm - A lithe silver bi-color tom with amber eyes
Ivystripe - A short-haired brown tabby bicolor she-cat with a lithe build and amber eyes
Birchflight - A blue-eyed cream tom with residual tabby markings and a sleek build
Apprentices : Ashpaw (Minnowleaf) - A stoutly built light gray van tomkit with dark aqua eyes
Crowpaw (Newheart) - A tortie she-kit with yellow eyes and white paws
Elders : Seafur - A stubborn yet kind blue-gray she-cat with green eyes
Ravenwillow - A green-eyed black tom with white underbelly, paws and tail-tip
Queens :
Kits :


These are detailed descriptions of the various areas located within RiverClan Territory.

The highest level headers are the forums that exist, and the lower level headers are areas within.


Leader's Chamber

Located near the medicine cat's chamber is the leader's personal chamber. It's a simple chamber that provides a private place for the leader to rest or meet with other cats.

Deputy's Chamber

A small chamber at the forefront of the Warren lies the chamber that belongs to the deputy of the Clan.

Medicine Cat's Chamber

Back just beyond the deputy's chamber lies what is called the medicine cat's chamber. Despite its name, it is not just a single space, it is really a complex of chambers. The first of the three chambers is the one where most examinations happen, off which stem three hollows. The largest of these hollows is used as a sickroom, and the smallest is devoted to medicine cat's personal sleeping quarters. The medium-sized chamber is devoted to the storage of herbs.

Nursery Chamber

A large chamber deep within the rabbit warren that is lined with the fur and features of prey for the warmth of the infant cats who'll experience their first weeks of life almost exclusively in this warm, dark place.

Elders' Hollow

A hollow hidden in a well protected area of the TwinWillow's roots that provides a place for the Clan's oldest members to stay warm and dry while they rest.

Warriors' Hollow

Amongst the roots of the TwinWillow is a large open area in which the bulk of the Clan's warriors sleep. It's comfortable, and sheltered overhead by branches, leaves and grass.

Apprentices' Hollow

Much like the warrior's hollow, the apprentice's hollow is just beyond it and constructed in much the same way amongst the roots of the tree.

Freshkill Hollow

A small hollow amongst the roots of the TwinWillow that provide a sheltered and protected place for the storage of Freshkill.


Upper West Bank

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Geography: The west bank of the river on the southern side of the bridge but the north of RiverClan camp.

Description: A section of grassy riverbank that provides excellent fishing places. During Greenleaf, Twolegs come and sit and eat their own fresh-kill on the wooden platforms they keep there.

Lower West Bank

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Geography: The west bank of the river laying to the south of RiverClan camp.

Description: A section of riverbank with particularly tall grass. It's an excellent place to hunt voles, but the wider river and deeper waters make it difficult to fish effectively.

East Bank Point

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Geography: The area bracketed by the sidestream and the River, north to sunningrocks.

Description: This open, grassy knoll is a fine place to fish, providing access to areas of the river where fish crossing it are forced close to the surface by shallowness, but are tempted to brave in efforts to get to deeper, stiller waters to the north. The area also provides access to birds and squirrels near the borders.

Upper East Bank

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Geography: The east bank of the river up to the ThunderClan border on the east side, running as far north as the Sunningrocks and south to the River Thicket.

Description: A section of grassy riverbank harboring excellent fishing. The grass is tall enough to conceal a cat well, and help keep them cool even in the hottest Green-leaf months.

River Thicket

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Geography: Sandwiched between the upper and lower east banks is a thicket of trees.

Description: This dense thicket of scrubby willows, oaks and elms overlooks a sharp bend in the river. It provides a fine place for both hunting and fishing.

Lower East Bank

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Geography: The east bank of the river from the River Thicket south to the border.

Description: This section of riverbank is coated in tall grass that is interrupted with by a small cedar tree that marks the southern border. The waters are difficult to fish here becuase the river runs deep and wide where it curves.

Eastern Thicket

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Geography: Beyond the east bank of the river, spanning the area below ThunderClan's southern border to the small thunderpath, down to RiverClan's southern border.

Description: A sparsely treed area, with one dense thicket near the center. It's a collection of poplar, elm, oak, and other leafy trees. The thicket provides a fine place to hunt, particularly if ThunderClan has been hunting the Southforest heavily, for prey will attempt to shelter there, beyond the other border.


North Field

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Geography: A large open area in RiverClan territory with Pastures to the west, the Gorge to the North, and Rockpath forming the additional border.

Description: The field covers a large area in the northwest area of WindClan territory. The Grass is typically somewhat short, as Twolegs bring their animals to the area frequently to feed. The grass grows in cattle-fertilized tussocks, providing places for mice and other rodents to shelter.

Campsite Copse

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Geography: Pressed tightly up against the campsite and surrounding a section of the Rockpath.

Description: A motley collection of birch, oak, poplar, and elm trees that overlooks the campsite and a section of the Rokcpath is called the Campsite Copse. This collection of trees provides hunting for birds, rodents, and other small animals.


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Geography: A path built like Twolegs and covered in rocks that runs from the Campsite and straight across the river in a bridge.

Description: The Rockpath runs through the center of the territory, and is a hard surface covered in small pebbles. The area isn't much good for hunting and seems to attract Twolegs, who prefer to walk on it instead of soft grass. It is surround on either side by expanses of soft grass.

South Field

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Geography: A large open area in RiverClan territory that lies to the South of the Rockpath, and buts up against the west river banks.

Description: The South Field covers a sizable piece of RiverClan's territory. The grass is long, and gives way at the southernmost point to a section of Marshland. Goats and other small livestock are grazed their by Twolegs, providing occasional access interruptions.

SilverFall Gorge

Gorge Edge

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Geography: The High, flat areas along the edge of SilverFall Gorge in the northern part of RiverClan.

Description: These stretches of rich, sun-drenched grass span the edge of the gorge, dotted with occasional trees. It's a difficult place to hunt because of the openness, but occasional hawks and birds can be found there.

The Falls

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Geography: The river between the Gorge and the Bridge.

Description: Fast-flowing water pours out of the gorge and falls violently into a misty, churning pool that flows into the main river.

River Copse

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Geography: A small group of trees that surround the bridge and lie to the south of the Falls.

Description: A little chunk of forest that is split by the rockpath where it continues on from the Bridge. These Cedar and poplar trees play host to squirrels and birds, providing RiverClan with access to red-fleshed prey to supplement their fish.

Tresspass Point

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Geography: The point where ThunderClan Territory meets both RiverClan's and WindClan's.

Description: Nothing sets this small chunk of territory apart save for the multitude of clan-scents that mark the ground near the Rockpath and on the nearby bushes. WindClan, RiverClan, and ThunderClan scents mingle heavily, with faint traces of ShadowClan (the only evidence of the dares so popular amongst the Clan's apprentices).


The cats of RiverClan have been shaped by the river and granted patience to match the hunting style.

Useful History Links

Leader's Reigns

Cinderstar's Reign

Reign Began:
Informally - Moon of Turning Leaves (2008)
Formally - Moon of First White (2008)
Reign Ended: Currently In Progress
Deputy(s): Fernheart
Brief History: Coming Soon

Sleekstar's Reign

Reign Began: Moon of Ill Winds (2008)
Reign Ended: Moon of Cheetah's Flight (2008)
Deputy(s): Cinderback
Brief History: Coming Soon

Wetstar's Reign

Reign Began: Moon of the Killingcough (2007)
Reign Ended: Moon of First Green (2008)
Deputy(s): Ashleaf, Sleekpelt
Brief History: Wetstar's short reign was colored by his naturally calmer temper and has led to a period of peace and quiet for his clan. This was, however, broken when the clan lost a deputy to a Rogue. Shortly after this incident he steped down, leaving the Leadership to a younger, and in his opinion more fit, cat.

Hawkstar's Reign

Reign Began: Moon of First Fishing (2007)
Reign Ended: Moon of the Killingcough (2007)
Deputy(s): Wetfur
Brief History: Hawkstar began his reign on the Night of the First Fishing Gathering, meeting his Clan at Fourtrees with his nine lives rather than facing Bloodstar of ThunderClan with only one. Hawkstar met his end due to the Killingcough that ran rampant through the Clans.

Duskystar's Reign

Reign Began: Moon of Leopard's Rest (2006)
Reign Ended: Moon of First Fishing (2007)
Deputy(s): Hawkmoth
Brief History: Duskystar's short reign began after Ashstar met a tragic end at the jaws of a Fisher. He never gained confidence in his position, and during his one daring act as leader he met his end falling into the swollen River.

Ashstar's Reign

Reign Began: Moon of Long Nights (2005)
Reign Ended: Moon of Leopard's Rest (2006)
Deputy(s): Duskyclaw
Brief History: Coming Soon

Tawnystar's Reign

Reign Began: Moon of Running Prey (2005)
Reign Ended: Moon of Long Nights (2005)
Deputy(s): Ashclaw
Brief History: Coming Soon

Stripestar's Reign

Reign Began: ????
Reign Ended: Moon of First Green (2005)
Deputy(s): Tawnypelt, Hawksight
Brief History: Coming Soon