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These rules reflect the basic expectations for characters at CoSC.

This document is subject to change without notice. Changes will be announced on the forum when they are made.


The only characters that may be used in role play are those that appear in the Viewer section of the character system. Role playing using unaccepted characters is not permitted. Characters Appearances must always fit the Short Description that was assigned by the Administration. All characters must also comply with CoSC Genetics Policy in which all characters must be genetically possible.


All Role Play happening on CoSC is intended to be consensual. All players involved and effected by a thread must exhibit willingness to participate and accept the result. "Intense" scenes, such as those that involve fighting, death, or other mature themes, are particularly subject to this policy. ICA=ICC Policy will always take precedent over the Consent Policy in role play, and players will be considered to have consented to the results of extreme actions (such as attacking another or smarting off to their leader) simply by taking them to avoid Retroactive Continuity (retcon) in which RP is considered never to have happened for reasons of poor player judgment.

When using another player's character in a character sheet you must have the player in question contact the approvals staff with a notification of their consent for the appearance prior to submission for approval.


The acronym "ICA=ICC" translates as "In Character Actions Equal In Character Consequences". This rule means that your character's actions with have In Character (IC) consequences. By doing something using unsound judgment a player as automatically consented to the results of the scene. If this results in extreme consequences for your character, so be it.

Metaplaying & Powerplaying

The using of information you know Out of Character (OOC) in an In Character (IC) Situation or creating a perfect and untouchable in combat, or controlling another person's character in Role Play without their consent or the consent of the staff to do so.

Character Requirements for Approval

Contains further detail on Requirement for Staff Approval, Bans Compliance, Expectations of Quality, and Genetic Feasibility

Characters are required to comply with all bans, lists and rules set forth by the game administration. At times these requirements can be somewhat subjective, and the administration of the game is granted the freedom to make those decisions for purposes of what they feel is the best interest of the game.

Slots & Limitations

Contains further detail on Pending Character limitations, Ranks Character Limitations, Character Slot allowances, Non-slotted Characters, Special Character Slots, Non-transfer or slot types, and Resolving Violations

Players are limited to certain numbers of characters (as described on the expanded policy page) and must keep those characters in compliance with various limitations and other instructions. Players with more characters than permitted, or with characters outside the given limitations will loose the most recently created/acquired of those characters.

Players are allotted thusly:

  • 4 non-elder Clan Character Slots.
  • 1 Domestic Cat Character Slot.
  • 1 Feral or Semi-feral Character Slot.
  • 1 Transfer of a character to the Cats of Camelot.
  • 1 Transfer of a character to Caligula's Cabal.
  • Unlimited Clan Elder Slots.
  • Unlimited (staff approved) Non-player Characters.
  • Extra staff character slots are granted based on staff rank.

Ranked Characters are limited thusly:

  • 1 character of leader or deputy rank.
  • 1 character of Medicine Cat of Medicine Cat's apprentice rank.

Litters Approval

Contains further detail on Relationship Tracking, Application Process, Submitted Applications, and Kitten Characters

All litters happening to a Player Character, be they "on camera" in the game or "off camera" in a character sheet, are subject to the approval of the Litters Department. This department has full arbitration of the decisions towards all aspects of the litter, including (but not limited to) conception of the litter, size of a convinced litter, and all physical traits they choose to assign for any resultant kittens. The litter approvals department also reserves the right to invoke complications on any queen bearing a litter, including death of said queen, and consent is considered given when the player of the queen places the template stating that they agree to bear the litter on the application.

Vox Populi

Contains further detail on Mandatory Status, Conduct, and Keeping VP Current

Vox Populi (VP) is a system that creates a place on character sheets where players can add the feelings of their own character about the character in question. This provides more information about what other characters are feeling, and can provide interesting insights into RP and give a player new ideas for threads and interactions between characters.