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This Essay was written by Kitsufox to go a bit deeper into the Character Requirements Policy.

Verbatim Policy

Characters are required to comply with all bans, lists and rules set forth by the game administration. At times these requirements can be somewhat subjective, and the administration of the game is granted the freedom to make those decisions for purposes of what they feel is the best interest of the game.

In Details

Approval Required

No character may appear in Role Play areas of the game, either in mention or as a character in a thread, at any time prior to them having been approved by the game administration. This administration approval is achieved by undergoing the Approvals Process described in the Character Creation Area of the game.

Bans Compliance

All characters undergoing approvals must fall within the appropriate bans list for that characters intended group. Items appearing on the bans list are those traits that your character may not possess. Characters who do not comply with the bans lists will not be approved by game administration, and thus will not be eligible for use in Role Play. Players are expected to either alter their character, or store that character until such time as the bans change.

Non-Clan Bans ThunderClan RiverClan WindClan ShadowClan
It should be noted that the bans on Clan Cat Kits and Apprentices will not be lifted at any time. Please see the Apprentice Ban Statement made by Kitsufox on the subject.

Expectations Compliance

It is required that all characters undergoing approvals comply with the described expectations for length and quality of a character sheet. Characters who do not meet these requirements will not be approved by the game administration and thus will not be eligible for use in Role Play. The submitting player will be required edit their character until it complies with the described expectations.

Genetics Requirements

All characters approved at CoSC are required to be genetically possible in real life. This is because our Litters Department requires characters to be genotyped to be eligible to procreate, and cats who are not possible in real life cannot be genotyped. While eye colors are permitted a much greater amount of leeway (we do not restrict eye colors by coat color as in real life genetics, but unnatural colors are not permitted) pelt colors and patterns must be ones that exist in real life. Further details on genetically possible coat colors can be found in the Genetics Department.