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These reflect the most basic rules the RP uses, and defines elements of conduct that are expected of players.

This file is subject to change without notice. Changes will be announced on the forum when they are made.
The prior version of this page can be found HERE.

Harassment Policy

Contains further detail on What is harassment, harassment investigation, Unintentional violation, and intentional violation.

Harassment will not be tolerated. Players found to be harassing others, through any medium will suffer a permanent ban from CoSC.

Number of Accounts

Contains further detail on IP Addresses, Families, Multiple Account Investigations, Ignorance violation, and intentional violation.

Each player (who shall be identified through their IP Address) is limited to a single account. Multiple-player households MUST report (via PM) to Kitsu with the name of ANY and ALL accounts that will share IPs or it will be addressed as a purposeful violation of this rule.

Image Rules

Avatar Rules

  1. Avatars must be tasteful. What is Tasteful is decided by Kitsufox: Generally if it's not a violation of other rules or profane, it is permissible.
  2. Colors in avatars may not be those that clash with the website. Remember, even what you add reflects the image of this game.
  3. Avatars maximum size is 100 by 100 pixels.
  4. Avatars may not contain copyrighted images.
  5. Avatars may not contain animation that poses a risk of triggering epileptic seizures.

Players found in violation with this policy will have their right to use Avatars removed.

Signature Rules

  1. Signatures may remain reasonably sized. They may contain 1 (one) image of 100 pixels high and 600 pixels wide (or multiple images not adding up to more in either direction) in addition to a maximum of 3 lines of text. Signatures without images may contain a total of 8 lines of text.
  2. Signature images and text must be tasteful. This means no profanity or nudity.
  3. Signature image and text colors may not be those that clash with the website. Every image and word on this website reflects it's image, and we wish to project a mature and positive image.
  4. Signature images and text may not contain copyrighted images or text.
  5. Signature images may not contain animation that poses a risk of triggering epileptic seizures.
  6. Just because signatures permit the use of 1000 characters does not mean you need to use them all. This high number of characters is in place to make it possible for a player to link all of their current characters in their signature, not to let people go on for pages with random images and quotes.
  7. Please keep links to other games, sites, etc., out of your signature. If you wish to post links, please do so in areas approved for Advertising.

Players found to be in violation with this policy will have their right to use Signatures removed.

General Forum Image Rules

  1. Images must remain reasonably sized. No image, or string of images, may produce a line of more than 400 pixels. No single image should be larger than 100 pixels high.
  2. No post may contain more than 2 (two) images per character portrayed in the post. The image or pair of images may not amount to more than 400 pixels wide by 100 pixels high worth of images per character.
  3. All images must remain within copyright laws.
  4. Images may not be colors that clash with the website.
  5. Images may not be Hot Linked from other websites. This means that to use an image anywhere on the forums you must upload it to your own server, or a free image hosting service such as Photobucket. This rule counts for both the Forums, AND on character sheets.
  6. Images taken from another sort and displayed in character sheets MUST be accompanied by a letter of permission if they are not altered. Altered images may be displayed in character sheets.
  7. Images that are linked from character sheets or the forum must be linked IN CONTEXT. This means that you may not link directly to the image, but instead must link to the page that image is located on. (This rule does not effect directly linking images for image requests, but image requests are the only place in which this rule is not in effect.)
  8. Image may not contain animation that poses a risk of triggering epileptic seizures.

Character Sheet Image Rules

  1. Images used on character sheets need to be approved by the Character Images Department.
  2. These images will be pixel-style images intended to portray every character as accurately as possible.

Userpage Rules


The {{Player}} template must be applied to every userpage. This is done by simply going to your blank userpage and filling out the form (Very little is mandatory) and hitting submit. If your userpage already exists, click "Edit with Form" and fill out the form (any added text will not be harmed).


The LOA Template can be used when a player needs to take a Leave of Absence. Failure to apply this template during an absence may result in losses of characters or ranks.