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This Essay was written by Kitsufox to go a bit deeper into the Number of Accounts Policy.

Verbatim Policy

Each player, signified by an IP Address, is limited to one account to prevent abuses against other limitations that are in place.

Houses in which multiple players live MUST PM Kitsufox with the names of those accounts so that she does not make assumptions that intentional rule-breaking is being undertaken.

In Detail

IP Addresses

Every computer that is on the internet is identified by an IP, or internet protocol, address. These IP Addresses can be used to establish identities and here at CoSC. We consider "Correlation" between IPs to be consistent matches between your IP(s) and those of another player or players.


Members of the same family are permitted individual accounts, and in accordance we permit players to report accounts that will have IP Correlation. Should the players fail to submit the list of correlated accounts, then CoSC can and will take action against those accounts. This includes the possibility of deactivation of the account, an act that cannot be un-done.

The CoSC Staff reserves the right to limit the number of correlated accounts a family has in the situation that we feel is suspicious. Family Permission is granted on a trust related basis, and if we are presented with a reason to lose that trust then we will be left with no choice but to take action.

Correlation to Deactivated Accounts

It should be understood that correlations to Deactivated Accounts that have been retained (IE: You no longer have access to but have been retained on this website to retain RP that account has participated in) do count in the same way as an active correlated account.

A single player is permitted one active account, but must report any correlations to accounts that are deactivated, even if that deactivated account belongs to the same player. A player may possess any number of deactivated accounts, but will NOT be permitted adoption of any characters that belonged to their previous accounts. Additionally, it should be noted that players with a long history of correlated accounts will have a very rough time gaining access to staff positions or character adoptions.

Multiple Account Investigation

In the case that suspicious activity is detected, the staff will open a private discussion with the correlated account and the owners of those accounts will be given an opportunity to explain themselves.

Once the explanation is given then it will be up to the staff to decide the punishment.

Ignorance to Rules Punishment

Should the situation be deemed the result of ignorance of the rules (something that is inexcusable, but lesser than intentional violation) the punishment will be in scale with the crime. The players will be subjected to a 3 Month Period in which they will not be permitted to create additional characters, after which they will be reviewed and (should it be deemed appropriate) they will regain those rights.

Intentional Violation Punishments

Should the situation be deemed intentional violation of the rules the players involved will all be banned and their characters confiscated.


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