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The Activity Expectations are a set of rules that are used to identify and remove inactive players from our game and help make sure that characters not being played do not remain in the hands of the players not playing them.

Activity Check Policy

For every In Character Moon (approximately every other month) independently for each group of characters within the game (Non-clan, ThunderClan, WindClan, ShadowClan, RiverClan, Cats of Camelot, Caligula's Cabal) via threads that are IC or OOC (at staff discretion). Replies must be made to each threat in accordance with the instructions given in that thread. All activity checks will last at least a week.

Players are exempt from Activity Checks if they are on an LOA with a defined end date. LOAs with unknown end dates may be ignored at the discretion of the game administration (but it should be noted that unknown ends are rarely accepted at this time).

Any time a player fails to respond to an activity check with a character that character is confiscated.

Investigation of Activity Level

Any time the staff suspects that a character has gone inactive a member of the staff will review their activity. If at any time characters are found to be unplayed or underplayed they may be confiscated by the game staff.

Character Confiscation

Characters who are Confiscated (CONed) are those removed from their players and taken to trust by the staff of the game with the intention of finding a suitable new home or assigning a suitable death for that character. Anytime a player misses an activity check or is discovered to be failing to meet activity expectations a character may be confiscated.

If a CONed character is Underplayed (Roleplayed with, but not to the point where the player is meeting the required minimums) it will be CONed with a 1 week recovery period in which the player might get that character back.

If a CONed character is Unplayed (has not been Roleplayed with in the past calendar month) it will be CONed with no recovery period.

Activity Expectations

The following expectations for activity are expected to be maintained for each character an individual plays. These are the guidelines we use to decide what is and isn't inactive.

General Requirements

These requirements apply to all characters within the game, without exception.

  • Respond to the bi-monthly Activity Check
  • Be involved in at least 1 thread per calendar month

Rank Requirements

These additional requirements are added to the activity expectations of individual characters based on rank.

Clan Leader

  • Post the pre-gathering Clan Meeting thread every IC Moon
    • Starting post that calls the meeting is required
    • An announcement of gathering attendees must me either included in the starting post or a subsequent post.
  • Make the required posts in the gathering thread
    • Arrival
    • Getting onto the greatrock or Joining other leaders on the greatrock
    • Make Announcement of your clan's news
  • Start at least one new roleplay thread per month

Clan Deputy

  • Post a set of patrol assignments every calendar month
  • Start at least one new roleplay thread per month

Clan Medicine Cat

  • Attend the Medicine Cat's Meeting every IC Moon, making a minimum of 2 post
  • Start at least one new roleplay thread per month

Clan Medicine Cat's Apprentice

  • Start at least one new roleplay thread per month

OOC Staff Responsibilities

The OOC Staff Responsibilities are to be consulted for staff OOC responsibilities.


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