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These rules are provided by setting forth guidelines surrounding making posts.


  • Thread: a string of replies. Referred to as a 'Topic' by Proboards.
  • Post: Adding content to the forum.
  • Original Post: The post that starts a thread.
  • Posting Order: The system by which everyone in a thread gets an opportunity to post prior to a person taking a second turn.
  • Reply: Adding content to the forum in reply to a post.
  • Timestamp: A required inclusion in all posts. Sometimes referred to as a 'When Line'.
  • Wherestamp: A required inclusion in all posts. Sometimes referred to as a 'Where Line'.

Reasonable Self Limitation

A player is expected to keep themselves within reasonable limits. This means that players need to think before they join threads, particularly if they are involved in a large number already, or if they're involved in ones that might change the way their character would respond in the current thread.

When Threads Happen

Every thread must be clearly marked with a Timestamp in the original post. In clan areas one should use the clan-style dating. For Domestics it is acceptable to give the human correlation that is provided in the weather file, but for clarity it is advisable to also include the clan-style translation.


  • Clan-style: WHEN: 1st day of First Green (2007)
  • Domestic-style: WHEN: 17th of April 2007 [1st day of First Green (2007)]

Changing Timestamp Dates

If one wishes to alter the date of a timestamp it MUST be approved by the leader(s) of the involved Clan(s), and cleared by at least one of the Administrators. This rule is to prevent potential abuse, ensure that the ICA=ICC rules are fulfilled, and make sure dates are not being changed to benefit involved characters. Date changes may also not be made to correct the situation if one fails to maintain a reasonable self limitation of their characters. If you create a situation in which you'll have to edit 14 threads, that is your own fault and you'll have to attend to it yourself.

Where Threads Happen

Every thread must be clearly marked with a Wherestamp in the original post. This indication of where a thread happens should use a location listed in the area descriptions on the Wiki. It is suggested that you work to be as clear as possible on the location a thread is happening to avoid confusion.


WHERE: ThunderClan Camp, next to the Fresh-kill Pile

Traveling Between Threads

Unless the thread your character is going to happens immediately after the conclusion of, or DURING another thread (or two characters are leaving a thread to start a new one) then no notices of heading to another thread are needed.

Posting Order

Posting order is an important aspect of collaborative writing and role play. It permits the other players in a thread to not be left behind simply due to their life outside the forum needing their attention.

Explanation of Posting Order

When you're in a thread, all other people in a thread should be permitted to post prior to you making another post. That means if you, CharacterA, CharacterB, and CharacterC are all in a thread together, You and CharacterB cannot go back and forth for 13 posts while CharacterA and CharacterC are not online.

Posting Order is Assumed! Please understand that a thread should automatically be using a posting order regardless of how many or how few players are involved. It is a matter of respect for the other people in the thread and their right to participate equally once they've joined.

A group should establish thier posting order in any given thread based simply on who joined the thread when, and maintain the natural order used when the thread began, but flexing as characters come and go from the thread.

If a player joined an RP after it has been established that player should be assumed to have joined the posting order at the point they first posted at. So, CharacterA, CharacterB, and CharacterC are posting in that order, and Character D joins the thread by making a post after CharacterA, the new order would be CharacterA, CharacterD, CharacterB, then CharacterC.

Posting Order Exceptions

Events with extremely large crowds like Gatherings and Clan Meetings would be impossible to do such a thing at, but just aim to have a micro-posting order amongst those who might be involved in a conversation in such a place.


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