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Kitsufox is a warriors fan who was born 8 September 1981. This makes her one of the older people active in the fandom. She is frequently referred to as 'Kit', 'Kitkit', or 'The Fox'. She is one of CoSC's Founders and the head Administrator. She has a passion for looking deeper at warriors and can sometimes be found starting conversation about subjects others think insane.

Archived Characters: Astarael, Savagefang

A Note To New Folks

I know that I can come across as a bit intense. I apologize for that, particularaly if our first interaction was through character approvals. Understand that I have an intense drive where this site is concerned. CoSC is my baby. I've been nurturing it for over eleven years and I strive to make it the best game it can be.

Character approvals is where the best and the worst of my intensity shows up. I'm not trying to drive you away from the game. I'm trying to drive you to write the best character you've ever written, for what I think is the best game made in the Warriors Fandom (In my not-so-humble opinion). I want nothing more than to see your character reach our standards, and you to join this hallowed forest.

Don't let me scare you ;) My bark is far worse than my bite.


Born in a small town, she grew up in a loving (albeit broken) family, under the tutelage of a mother who encouraged individuality and independence. She graduated High School in the year 2000, and attended a Technical School for a short while. The years progressed and she started CoSC in 2005. Four years later she's still running CoSC and has returned to the college grind hoping to become a Graphic Designer. During 2015 Kitsu and her Husband moved and that led to a quiet period at CoSC. In 2016 she returned with a vengeance.


  • Kitsu originally went by the name Bloodstar, but when the requirement for staff to use their ranked character's name she immediately switched to her personal moniker.
  • While many think Kitsu is terribly mean, she's actually rather nice. She completely does not understand why everyone is so afraid of her.
  • She declared Blackheart her Chief of Mis-information on 8 January 2008.
  • Kitsu believes Armis are better than Armies.
  • Kitsu enjoys teasing people with tiny drops of information about coming plots.
  • Once used the phrase "my brain has a mind of its own" and meant it literally.
  • Spells terribly. Much to the consternation of Willow, the person typically stuck cleaning up after her.

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A Comment On Legacy Code: I Hate it. I makes updates next to impossible. This is why I have to stall development of the character sheet over it. I need to phase out the unsupported codes so that our next step can be cleaning the code up and boiling it down to a single version of the sheet instead of having several versions that need to be supported. At the time I'm writing these we're supporting three versions of the age code, and it's hit a point where there are errors I just can't correct because the code is so complex.

Want to Help With Legacy Code?: Edit Character Sheets to use the latest version. Go through sheets and make sure they're using the current version of the age system supported by the form. See an Approved Character without the "Approved" setting for the Sheet Status? Add it! Kill any characters you see with legacy in them. If you screw a sheet up, just contact Kitsufox and she can restore a previous version! You can't permanently break or loose any information!

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