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Members of WindClan
Home to 20 cats, of which 10 are Male and 10 are Female.
Rank - Character - Short Description
Leader : Dawnstar - A stocky light ginger tabby she-cat with white socks and amber eyes
Deputy : Rowanbough - A black tom with rusty highlights and sky-blue eyes
Medicine Cat : Brightsky - A golden-eyed longhaired brown marbled tabby she-cat with large paws, tail and ears
Medicine Cat Apprentice : Cedarpaw (Owlfeather) - A red bicolor tom with mid-length fur and aqua eyes
Senior Warriors : Sparrowflight - A brown marbled tabby bi-color she-cat with gold eyes
Dusktalon - A solidly muscled dark gray tom with white toes and blue eyes
Warriors : Stonestrike - A lazy dark brown tabby tom with yellow eyes
Falcondash - A mostly white she-cat with dark brown tabby ears and tail and amber eyes
Frostcloud - An arrogant ivory marbled tabby tom with bright blue eyes
Hollyfeather - A calico she-cat with blue-green eyes
Snowdust - A white she-cat with blue eyes and large feet
Echobreeze - A young cream bi-color tom with four white paws and green eyes
Earthstorm - A pale silver tabby tom with pale green eyes and uncoordinated tendencies
Graysky - A young pale gray bi-color tom with yellow eyes
Owlfeather - A brown tortie she-cat with yellow eyes and white feet
Frozensky - A gray lynx point she-cat with pale aqua eyes and ghost spot markings
Ivynose - A calico bi-color she-cat with amber eyes
Yellowfrost - A lanky cream classic tabby tom with yellow eyes and a sharp temper
Apprentices : Willowpaw (Owlfeather) - A midfurred pale gray van she-kit with amber eyes
Elders : Snailtail - A black bi-color tom with yellow eyes and a corkscrew tail
Queens :
Kits :