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Character Creation is an important process that every game has to have. CoSC has fairly intense character approval rules. Please understand that 99.9% of characters require at least one round of corrections before they are approved. Typical characters run from about 2-4 rounds. Any questions you have about the approvals process of associated requirements should be directed to Kitsufox

Clan Population Comparison

Total Icon-tc.gif Icon-rc.gif Icon-wc.gif Icon-sc.gif
Approved 88 19 19 20 21
Pending 8
Normal Desirable Undesirable Not Permitted
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Character Creation Rules

  1. Characters pending for 1 week or more without progress (being edited by the creator) will be eligible to receive a 48 hour warning and be deleted if the player has not filed an {{LOA}}.
  2. Characters filed without a player listed will be given a 24 hour correction window, and deleted if a player name is not added.
  3. Character Sheets are expected to comply with all rules, bans, guidelines, history and other documentation created to apply to such things.
  4. Non-player characters may only be created in the following situations:
    • To create records of deceased family members mentioned in a character sheet.
    • To create holding pages for living family members mentioned in character sheets intended to be placed up for adoption.
    • To create a character for a plot after the plot & character have received Administration Team approval.
  5. Characters who are not cats may only be created with Administration Team Permission.

This page contains the types of character creation that are open to brand new players. CoSC considers players "New" when they have no approved characters. The options are somewhat limited, but that cannot be helped. We consider the creation process part of getting familiar with CoSC's rules.

New Clan Characters

If you have read the Handy Guide and the General Rules then you're ready to start making a character.

Proceed to Clan Character Creation

New Domestic Characters

A new player who has at least 1 already approved character is eligible to create a domestic cat.

Proceed to Domestic Character Creation


New players are eligible only for the adoptions on the eased list. This does not include kittens who are not eased.

See the Adoptions department for more details.

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Full players are those who have at least one approved character in the game. More varied options are available to a player with approved characters. Even more become available as time goes by.

New Clan Characters

Clan Characters are the meat and potatoes of this game. Most players have several of them.

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New Domestic Characters

A full player who has at least 1 already approved character is eligible to create a domestic cat.

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New Feral or Semi-feral Characters

A full player with a good history of RP activity becomes eligible to create a Feral or Semi-feral cat.

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As a full player one is eligible to adopt any character that they qualify for the rank of.

See the Adoptions department for more details.

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Kitten Characters

Kitten characters are to be made only if you are approved for one via an Adoption Department Request.

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Non-Player Characters

Short character sheets to store information about parents, family, and other significant cats and provide easy to find information about them are something we consider important here at COSC. In accordance, creating these sheets is a job everyone will do at some point. These forms may also be used for Plot-based NPCs, though their may be alternate or higher requirements than those listed, depending on the plot itself.

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The tools located on this page are intended for staff or for people working at the behest of staff. If you're on this page you're either just gawking or your working for Kitsufox.

Characters Pending Check

This section is intended for use by those who are tasked with reviewing characters and ensuring that they are all up to scratch. They must comply with all rules for that type.

Pending Characters Lists - This list contains all pending characters in the game.


Characters from the Old Site are no longer eligible for import without special permission from Kitsufox. They are also not eligible to be re-created as new characters, and users caught attempting such a thing will be punished as a violator or Copyright.

If you feel you have a valid reason that a character should be recovered from the old website (historical significance, biological tie to an existing character, ect) contact Kitsufox via PM and plead your case. Be sure to include why you feel the import should be made. If the administration deems the matter valid then the import will be arranged.

Non-Cat NPCs

In some cases one may need to create an NPC character that is not a cat. While these situations are infrequent, they do happen.

This functionality will be restored at the next opportunity.