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Navigation: Index Public Service Announcements 22 - Express Clarifications Regarding Things Permitted by RP Only

Due to the expansive nature of the bans list I'd like to clarify which type of bans are bypassed in what way.

  • Name Bans - Cannot be bypassed in any circumstances without express permission from Kitsufox, even for IC Situations. If a ban changes and a character has that name they are considered to be "Grandfathered In", but should their name change (even from kit to apprentice) they are required to drop the banned item if they do not have express permission from Kitsufox.
  • Bans against new character in a Clan - Do not apply to litters born ICly.
  • Bans on physical appearance - are ignored when a kitten is rolled, but a player may not request an alteration prior to birth that moves that character into a banned item they were not originally created with.
  • Age Bans - Are only ignored when IC litters are created.
  • Ban against non-clan cats becoming Clan members - Apply only to histories, but any time a non-clan cat is admitted to a clan it must be approved by the Moderator of the area, and by the Administration.
  • Ban against part non-clan clan cats - Is only ignored by special plot based permission, as they are only creatable through IC litters, and those litters must go through very harsh approvals processes.

Questions should be directed at Kitsufox or placed on the Discussion page.