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Warrior of ThunderClan
A Tom by Oakclaw out of RosestormBorn Foxkit in the Moon of the Killingcough (2007)
Living at the age of 27 Moons (2 years & 1 month)
Short Description :
A rich red tabby van tom with one amber and one green eye
Long Description :
Foxbright's mismatched eyes, the right the green of summer grass and the left the amber of sun-dried hay, are placed in a face of ruddy tabby. When he is seen from the left side some might choose to liken his looks to those of Fiercestar. The fur of his nose and the majority of his body is white, with only his tail and the top of his head also displaying the rich orange tabby coloration. He's grown to be sleek tom with none of the size normally associated with the bloodline of Fiercestar (which isn't shocking, given that he's adopted into it rather than born).
While Foxbright has become a warrior, it's easily apparent that he's not a candidate for any extra responsibility or honor. He hasn't lost the hummingbird buzz of energy that can cloud his mind when things catch his attention. Even in adulthood the question 'Can I?' eats away at him, urging him to find ways to push his own limits, trying to learn the extent of what he can and can't do. He's so infatuated with his own invented missions and challenges that he will forgo all else at times in favor of the completion of his own challenges and his desire to prove himself to the father he believes must watch from StarClan.
Key Dates  
Full History :
Born of the scandalous mating of Rosestorm to Oakclaw of ShadowClan, Foxkit's very life has been surrounded by turmoil that he's been completely unaware of. He is, however, aware of his birth into the family of ThunderClan's current leader. The stories of Fiercestar and Bloodstar have worked to build an image of heroes and battles that he strives to live up to, and he takes great pride in his Blood tie to such legendary cats. Fiercestorm and Hopestorm, heroes who ended the war alongside his mother, have become more than just cats in his family. They have become icons of Warriorship capable of no wrong. As his youthful courage grows, so do the things he aims to do in life.

Now that he's been apprenticed as Foxpaw to Rivertail. This has not dampened his willingness to prank and play, but instead given him more space in which to undertake his various missions, personal challenges and insane master plans. At best his training sessions with Rivertail can be described as 'unique' at their best, and at their worst a small scale disaster.

The biggest of his training disasters, according to those responsible for his actions, was his transgression during the gathering of the Moon of Long Nights. In his opinion he'd asked a perfectly innocent question (Who killed my father?) and made a perfectly reasonable promise (I'll kill them for it, once I learn how). But even this didn't stop Bloodstar from making him into a warrior at the appointed time. His big grandfather seemed to think his boldness could be a service to his clan.

He's made his way since then quietly, trying to do his duty and not let the comings and goings of life distract him too badly. He tries very hard, but does find that some of the day-to-day duties chafe at his sense of experimentation and adventure. Only incidents like that with Swiftsparrow in Running Prey (2008). Even if his attack against Lionheart landed him a moon on sentry and hunting duty.
Sire :
Oakclaw (A brown tabby bi-color tom with a dark tail and amber eyes)
Dame :
Rosestorm (A longhaired torbie she-cat with brilliant green eyes)
Full Siblings :
Owlstrike (A blue tabby van she-cat with hazel eyes)
Smokedrift (A dark gray tabby tom with dark green eyes)
Other Family :
Maternal Aunts
Speckledfury (A blue-eyed caramel and brown she-cat with a pale underside and primal tabby markings)
Nightmoth (A blind caramel and brown patched she-cat with subtle tabby markings)
Sparrowsong (A gray she-cat with brownish cast, pale underside and primal tabby markings)

Maternal Adoptive Aunts

Hopestorm (An amber-eyed ruddy-fawn she-cat with a pale underside and tattered ear)
Alderleaf (A brown mackerel torbie she-cat with pale yellow eyes)

Maternal Adoptive Uncles

Fiercestar (A level-headed large blue-gray tom with amber eyes)

Paternal Uncles (Unknown)

Blizzardfury (A stocky gray bi-color tom with uneven markings and a short tail)
Thunderface (A large brown tabby tom with blue-gray eyes and a scar on the left side of his face)
Mudpaw (A stocky longhair brown tabby tom with blue eyes)


Maternal: Cottonwhisker (A petite cream and gray calico she-cat with sky blue eyes)
Paternal: Ibisflight (A silver tabby and white she-cat with a short tail)


Maternal: Tigerpelt (A golden tabby tom with green-blue eyes)
Maternal, Adoptive: Bloodstar (A huge, foul tempered tom with blood red fur)
Paternal: Fourclaw (A brown tabby bi-color tom)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Foxbright Oakclaw Fourclaw (A brown tabby bi-color tom)
Ibisflight (A silver tabby and white she-cat with a short tail)
Rosestorm Tigerpelt (A golden tabby tom with green-blue eyes)
Cottonwhisker (A petite cream and gray calico she-cat with sky blue eyes)
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Mentor :
Rivertail (A blue-gray tom with eyes of different shades of blue)
Mentor of :
Others :
Player's Notes
General :
Kitsu's general policy for how to decide how Foxbright reacts to anything is to take the first thought she has and find a way to make it work. She's fairly certain that this will eventually result in ICA=ICC getting him killed. Though she suspects it will be a spectacular death.

Beginning Warrior Training Progress

Border Tour – Completed
First Gathering – Completed
The Code (Beginning Level) – Acceptable
Scenting & Tracking – Good
Stalking – Acceptable
Vulnerabilities – Good
Field Medicine – Completed
Conditioning - Very Good

Intermediate Warrior Training Progress

Practical Hunting – Acceptable (Highly Distractable)
Clan Specific Strategies – Acceptable
Special Hunting Techniques
Chase – Not Learned
Duck – Not Learned
Fish – Not Learned
Strikes, Attacks, & Blocks – Good (If Insane)
Basic Practical Combat – Completed
The Code (Advanced Level) – Completed

Advanced Warrior Training Progress

Hunting Patrols – Acceptable
Advanced Battle Techniques – Good (If Insane)
The Art of Teamwork – Acceptable
Practical Patrol Work – Completed
Visit to Highstones – Completed
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Name Notes :
Name History investigation is required for Foxbright
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Additional Details
Bans Information:
Foxbright has been compiled into the bans records based on his/her physical traits.
Foxbright is a Male cat with Mid-length Red Mackerel Tabby Bicolor fur.
He is of Medium size and Common build. He has Odd eyes and a Normal tail. He is of non-purebred decent.
Foxbright Is A Part Of The Character Genotype Project and has been Genotyped.
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Foxbright Is A Part Of The Character Images Project and has been completed. (View)
Foxbright Is A Part Of The Character Images Project and has been completed. (View)