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A StarClanner; Formerly a Leader of RiverClan
A Tom by Ebonfur out of TornnoseBorn Fogkit in the Moon of Long Sun (2003)* Died of Illness in the Moon of the Killingcough (2007)
Dead at the age of 51 moons (3 years & 11 months)
and has been so for 27 moons (2 years & 1 month).
Short Description :
A pale gold eyed brown tabby tom
Long Description :
Pale eyes, the color off tarnished gold, stand out vividly against the tapestry of gray-brown fur and tabby markings of near-black, a coat which seems to lack the downy undercoat of soft insulating fur possessed by most cats. Rather than the soft, silken fur the rest of his siblings were born with, Hawkmoth shed out his baby coat into one that seemed to be made of barbed wire, stiff and spiky; fur that is as good an armor as any warrior could hope for. The largest of his litter, Hawkmoth is nonetheless a cat on the smaller end of normal adult sizes, although wiry and heavy; perfectly capable of taking care of himself and those who might require his protection. He moves with notoriously graceful, silent steps, even when not on the hunt, and is quite the agile climber.
While his brother, Ashstar, has been all over the mood spectrum over his lifetime, Hawkmoth has retained a far more stable, less-manic disposition in regards to his behavior and general outlook on life. While certainly not the most happy-go-lucky individual in RiverClan, he is outgoing and sociable, although prone to points where he prefers his own company to that of others. In the past he was much more vibrant and outgoing, and an almost fanatically-spoken cat in regards to his clans well-being. The disappearance, and assumed death, of his sister, Brokentail, seems to have put a dampener on his spirits, and he is a much different cat from the young warrior that snagged a fledging hawk.
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Full History :
Born to a brindled female named Tornnose (a former rogue turned clan cat) in the early fall, he was born into the fringes of clan society. Tornnose was a fairly new addition to RiverClan at the time of his birth, and the she-cat was still very much in the dark about most of what went on. Her first pregnancy, she was scared, and despite earlier comments from the medicine cat at that time, Snoweyes, about coming to him at the time of the birthing, she fled. Tornnose disappeared for nearly a moon, the clan's warriors unable to follow her trail after it lead into Twolegger lands. When she was finally found on, tired, hungry, and transporting three young kittens, her tale was quite unusual.

Where she had denned, under a bramble bush by a twolegger home, had originally seemed to be quite safe. Although there were dogs and twolegger children about, they never seemed to pay her scents any attention, and they never even gave the bushes a second glance in passing. Tragedy struck, however, in the form of fire. A leaf pile, burning unattended, spread unchecked. Tornnose managed to get three kits away unharmed, and save a fourth - Greykit at the time - away with only smoke inhalation and a burn on his paw. The other kit in the litter was lost.

Clan life proved to be too much for Tornnose, and soon after the return of her litter she left, and returned to her life as a loner. A queen, Tallfrost, who had lost all but one of her litter to greencough, nursed them. Raised as clan cats, Fogkit became Fogpaw, and was mentored by the senior warrior Brittlefang, a slightly world-weary cat nearing her ascension to elder-status. His training was quite unremarkable, save for the sudden (apparent) death of his brother Ashpaw. He and his sister Swiftpaw mourned the longest, Fogkit falling into a deep depression that was only broken by the distraction that was Brittlefang's training regime. Ashpaw's return brought him back up to 'normal', and he quickly returned his attentions to his training, making leaps and bounds after his moons of lagging behind his sister. Finally given his warrior name, Fogmoth, he graduated in the warrior group, and on his first sunrise as a warrior, left for a solo hunt while the rest of his clan slept.

It was on this hunting trip that he came across an odd sight; a young hawk awkwardly fluttering from tree limb to tree limb. The young, headstrong raptor made the mistake of attempting to attack him, probably in a territorial manner, but it was unused to flight and ended up on the ground, almost directly in front of a rather bewildered Fogmoth. Although grounded, the hawk was still a formidable fighter, and by the time Fogmoth had subdued it, his sides were decorated with lines of red, and the ground littered with fur and feathers.

The name Hawkmoth was awarded when the young warrior dragged the body back to camp and added it to the freshkill pile as though it was a simple pigeon, the leader and his former mentor Brittlefang incredibly surprised by the new warrior taking down such a creature.

Brokentail's supposed death affected him more strongly than that of Ashpaw's, recrushing a spirit that had only just regained its strength. He still misses his sister, and on sleepless nights he can oft be seen watching the camp entrances for any sign of his returning sibling.

When Duskystar was slain on the river, attempting to fish in flood conditions, he became the ordained leader of RiverClan.
Sire :
Ebonfur (A black tom with white feet)
Dame :
Tornnose (A brindled she-cat with a scarred nose)
Full Siblings :
Ashstar (A small gray-brown tabby tom, blind in the left eye and with a lame left hind-paw)
Scrape (A stocky brown tabby she-cat with a twice-broken tail)
Tigercoat (A solid brown tabby tom with hazel eyes and a scarred pelt)
Other Family :
Nurse Mother: Tallfrost (A brown pointed, aging she-cat of vague oriental build)

Adoptive Sibling: Crowfur (A black tom with amber eyes, a fluffy tail and graying muzzle)

Strongheart (A young dark red tabby tom with amber eyes)
Smallkit (A half-sized tortoiseshell tabby tom-kit)


Duckfeather (A young blue-eyed pale-coated calico she-cat with white feet, belly and throat)
Heronflight (A mostly brown tortoiseshell tabby she-cat with yellow-green eyes)

Adoptive Nephew:

Walnutfall (A blue classic tabby tom with large yellow eyes)
Offspring :
Pebblepaw (A gray spotted tabby tom with large paws and hazel eyes)
Silverlark (A gray tabby she-cat with green eyes)
Shadedstrike (A gray tabby smoke bi-color tom with dark gold eyes)
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Mentor :
Brittlefang (No Sdesc on File)
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