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Dame of the Cats of Camelot
A She-cat by Victor out of VictoriaBorn and dubbed Seraphina in the Moon of Leopard's Rest (2005)
Living at the age of 47 Moons (3 years & 7 months)
Short Description :
A bronze Egyptian Mau she-cat wearing a black collar
Long Description :
Seraphina is a warm coppery brown-colored cat with dark brown markings. She has a lean, tall figure and short, resilient fur. Her head is slightly rounded and wedge-shaped, with medium-sized, broad-based ears that are somewhat pointed. There are dark lines on Seraphina's cheeks and around her large, light green, almond-shaped eyes.

Her nose is a dark reddish color and the fur around it and the rest of Seraphina's upper throat is a white color. Lines continue down her neck and upper chest, stopping at her shoulders. Seraphina's torso and lighter underside are randomly covered in small, oval-shaped spots. There is a flap of loose skin on Seraphina's belly, giving her a longer stride when running and allowing her the incredible speed that her breed is famous for.

Seraphina's medium-length tail is heavily banded ends in a dark tip. Her legs are also banded, and her dark-padded paws are small and round. Her hind legs are longer than her forelegs, yet still proportional to her body. In combination with her long hind legs and belly flap, Seraphina is able to run with great speed.

Seraphina currently wears a jet-black collar adorned with a pattern of green vines. A silver identification tag is attached to it. The tag is interchangeable with a silver capsule. Whichever is worn depends on the mood of Seraphina's owners.
Posh and aristocratic, Seraphina is a very proud cat. Because her parents had taught her so, Seraphina has a steadfast belief that because of her ancestry, she is superior to others. She was also told that purebred cats should only mate with other purebreeds, and Seraphina supports that idea as well. This makes Seraphina quite haughty, and she demands respect and authority from cats both of her status and beneath it. Seraphina can and will treat others like scum, along with being very cold and very harsh. She rarely demands great company, although she can cope with being among others. She is bright, but Seraphina's dangerous temper often gets in the way of her intelligence. Seraphina failed to inherit the great self-control that her parents have. When it has the chance, Seraphina's anger often gets the better of her. This causes her to be reckless and violent in some situations, and she can be very aggressive. Seraphina is fiercely loyal to and passionate about certain things, such as her owners and her belief in purebreeds. Even if her loyalty makes little sense to others, she will continue to keep it up, and it takes much to change her opinion.
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Full History :
In late fall, the queen Victoria gave birth to a litter of four kittens, fathered by Victoria's mate Vincent. The kittens of Vincent and Victoria of Toujours Nuit were named Azim, Celia, Shanti, and Seraphina. The kittens spent their first thirteen weeks with their parents in their owners' house. Though they were never allowed outside of the house, the kittens grew in an enjoyable environment. They were endlessly entertained by play and affection from their parents' owners.

With three months and one week being plenty of time, Vincent and Victoria instilled a sense of great elegance and intelligence into their children. The parents aimed to make their children respectable felines, very proud of their noble history and fit to carry on in their line of work. This work involved being taken to fare against other cats in showing competitions. Although neither had yet won any first-place prizes, the two hoped that their kittens could at least partake in the experience.

When the thirteenth week came around, Victoria and Vincent bade farewell to the kittens. Seraphina, Azim, Celia, and Shanti were all being sent away to the new homes that their owners had picked for them. Seraphina was given to an affectionate couple and found herself moving far away from where her parents' home was. Nevertheless, Seraphina adjusted to the change of location in a short time and accepted the new humans and their house as her own. She hardly missed her parents or her siblings.

As the months went by, Seraphina's owners conditioned her for showing. They hoped that Seraphina could be like her parents. They wished that she would do well when faced with judges, and with any luck, win them over and collect a nice ribbon or two. When Seraphina was seven-months-old, she was taken to her first competition.

While Seraphina disliked the atmosphere, she dealt rather well with the cages, lights, and noises by remembering what her parents and owners had taught her. However, when it came to being handled by the judges, Seraphina reacted in an aggressive and violent manner. This most unbecoming behavior scored no good points whatsoever, though Seraphina was quite uncaring about it. Shortly after failed attempts to weed out the attitude, Seraphina's owners gave up on the idea of their cat competing in shows.

With a less-demanding lifestyle, Seraphina's owners allowed new things to enter their feline's life. The most notable of these things was letting Seraphina roam around outside of the house, something she'd never done before. Seraphina's first trips outside were limited to the garden, which was closed in for a time.

After much consideration from her owners, Seraphina was allowed to venture farther when she turned a year old. At first, she went around with both of her owners, who would walk her along a lead as they went around the neighborhood. After she got a handful of months older, not to mention bolder, Seraphina's owners became confident that their darling could handle herself alone.

Seraphina joined the Court of the Cats of Camelot as a page, after taking a great interest in its leader Pendragon. She was recently named a dame, with the private naming taking place before the public announcement at one of Pendragon's feasts.
Sire :
Victor (A warm bronze Egyptian Mau tom with light green eyes)
Dame :
Victoria (A warm bronze Egyptian Mau queen with light green eyes)
Full Siblings :
Azim (A warm bronze Egyptian Mau tom with light green eyes)
Celia (A warm bronze Egyptian Mau she-cat with light green eyes)
Shanti (A warm bronze Egyptian Mau she-cat with light green eyes)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Seraphina Victor Unknown Tom (A NPC character of no consequence)
Unknown Queen (A NPC character of no consequence)
Victoria Unknown Tom (A NPC character of no consequence)
Unknown Queen (A NPC character of no consequence)
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Player's Notes
General :
Seraphina lives at 107 South Second Avenue.
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About Seraphina
By Seraphina: Kemintiri -
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Name Notes :
Name History investigation is required for Seraphina
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