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Members of the Cats of Camelot
Home to 12 cats, of which 7 are Male and 5 are Female.
Rank - - Character - Short Description
King : Pendragon - A chocolate classic tabby tom wearing a blue and gold collar
Queen : Valiant - A reddish-brown she-cat with green eyes and a slim build
Crowned Heir : Arthur - A dark brown classic tabby tom
Crown Consort :
Prince(s) : Cearnaigh - A night-black tom
Gareth - A dusky brown tabby tomkit with a warm tone to his coat [Eyes will mature to a bright blue-green]
Princess(es) : Ceridwen - A brown classic tabby she-kit with a rusty cast to her coat
Kelia - A sleek brown classic tabby she-cat [Eyes will mature to a bright green]
Lords : Aslan - A Savannah cat with the look of a wild serval more so than that of a domestic cat
Ladies :
Knights : Theophrastus - A fawn Abyssinian tom with golden-brown eyes
Plato - A young purebreed Abyssinian tom with gray fur and dark yellow eyes
Dames : Seraphina - A bronze Egyptian Mau she-cat wearing a black collar
Serendipity - A longhaired black and white she-cat with gray-green eyes
Squires :
Pages :
Kits :

Cats Who Pay Homage to Camelot
The cats on this list are not members of the knighthood, but they do acknowledge Pendragon as King & have sworn fealty to him.
Navati - A black bicolor she-cat with lime eyes who wears a blue collar complete with a bell
Maelstrom - A large, longhaired silver blue tabby she-cat with golden-green eyes
Sophie - A silver American Shorthair she-cat with dark green eyes
Socrates - An aging purebreed sorrel Abyssinian tom with dark gold eyes
Allister - A green-eyed Maine Coon tom with an upbeat personality
Berry - A gray classic tabby tom bicolor with yellow eyes

Cats Who Pay Homage to Camelot But Live Off Camera
Cats who live away from Camelot cannot hold a position in the peerage, but may have in the past
(and would be eligible to resume their former rank if they returned)
Paris - A black bi-color she-cat with lime eyes and a purple collar