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Members of RiverClan
Home to 19 cats, of which 9 are Male and 10 are Female.
Rank - Character - Short Description
Leader : Cinderstar - A seal point and white tom with a lanky build and blue eyes
Deputy : Fernheart - A gray tabby bi-color she-cat with a slightly fluffy tail and amber eyes
Medicine Cat : Heronflight - A mostly brown tortoiseshell tabby she-cat with yellow-green eyes
Medicine Cat Apprentice : Hailpaw (Icystone) - A cream, gray and white patched she-kit with hazel eyes
Senior Warriors : Duckfeather - A young blue-eyed pale-coated calico she-cat with white feet, belly and throat
Minnowleaf - A calico she-cat with pale blue eyes and a fluffy tail.
Warriors : Cardinalflight - A blue-eyed red tabby tom with white forelegs, chest and face
Walnutfall - A blue classic tabby tom with large yellow eyes
Silverlark - A gray tabby she-cat with green eyes
Lionfrost - A blue spotted tabby tom with gold eyes
Charredleaf - A tortoiseshell and white she-cat with orange eyes
Otterpelt - A solidly built sable tom with a white locket on his chest and amber eyes
Amberstorm - A lithe silver bi-color tom with amber eyes
Ivystripe - A short-haired brown tabby bicolor she-cat with a lithe build and amber eyes
Birchflight - A blue-eyed cream tom with residual tabby markings and a sleek build
Apprentices : Ashpaw (Minnowleaf) - A stoutly built light gray van tomkit with dark aqua eyes
Crowpaw (Newheart) - A tortie she-kit with yellow eyes and white paws
Elders : Seafur - A stubborn yet kind blue-gray she-cat with green eyes
Ravenwillow - A green-eyed black tom with white underbelly, paws and tail-tip
Queens :
Kits :