McFlurry Mishap

From Children of StarClan

McFlurry Mishap is an off-camera scene involving Flurrytail, Fiercestorm, and Sixclaw of ThunderClan. It takes place on the 21st day of the Moon of Cheetah's Flight (2007) and has to do with the conception of Flurrytail and Fiercestorm's son Duskkit.

Out of character, it was written by Nagini and given a PG-13 rating for a scene of sensuality, etc.

McFlurry Mishap

The sun was shining as a pair of cats made their way into ThunderClan's camp.

"I'm sorry," the lighter one mewed to the darker one. Her earnesty was strangled by remnants of mirth. "I'm so sorry, Fiercestorm," she repeated, taking him to a specific den in the camp. How embarrassing this was! And the day had started out so well....

"It's okay," Fiercestorm meowed. The confidence in his voice waned as they got to the enterance of the den. "Flurrytail, really, I'm fine. I don't think I need to see Sixclaw. It's just a scratch."

"No, you don't want it to get infected." Flurrytail side-stepped the big tom, blocking his attempts at escaping. "And it's bleeding..."

"No, it's not. It's okay," Fiercestorm insisted. He licked a paw and ran it over the injury, to clean it. His eyes narrowed against the stinging pain in his muzzle. "It doesn't hurt!"

"You just winced! How can you say it doesn't hurt!" Flurrytail meowed, stepping towards him with a flicking tail.

"I..." Fiercestorm was caught, excuseless, like some cornered mouse. He backed up as she came forward. "That's not the point!"

"That is the point," rebuked Flurrytail, stopping triumphantly. "Just let Sixclaw look at it!"

And both cats felt jolts of anxiety and abashment when a calm, curious voice meowed, "Just let Sixclaw look at what?"

Fiercestorm and Flurrytail turned to see Sixclaw padding to them, intending to enter his den. "What is it?" he asked.

"Um..." Fiercestorm didn't know how to explain it. "I..."

"His muzzle got scratched." Flurrytail spoke for the both of them. "Um... Maybe bit badly..." Her tone was clearly guilty.

Sixclaw looked from Flurrytail to Fiercestorm, and fixed his gaze on the bridge of Fiercestorm's nose. "Hm..." the medicine cat mused quietly. "Yes, well, I can put something on it, just to be safe..." he told them, looking away from the scratch. "But it would help if I knew just what happened."

The warriors exchanged quick, terrified glances.

Fiercestorm gulped. "W-what... happened...?" he repeated, looking at Sixclaw.

"Yes," Sixclaw meowed. "How you got the scratch on your nose."

Flurrytail was just as reluctant. "Um..."

"Yes?" Sixclaw asked patiently.

"Uh..." Flurrytail started. "Well...."


"You know, I've never done this before," Fiercestorm confessed to Flurrytail. The two of them had settled in the woods outside of the camp, in a small clearing, surrounded by bushes. It was a nice, private place. Perfect for this, they decided.

"It's okay," Flurrytail purred reassuringly. "I think, when the time comes, you'll know what to do."

Fiercestorm nodded. It was hard for him to disagree with her right now. Flurrytail was rolling and rubbing herself in the grass, and Fiercestorm was intoxicated by her sweet, sweet scent. Oh, how alluring it was, how difficult to resist!

"Hold still!" There was unmistakable excitement in Fiercestorm's voice as he struggled to grasp the scruff of Flurrytail's neck with his teeth.

"I'm sorry!" Flurrytail was equally enthusiastic. She stopped herself from squirming under the feel of Fiercestorm's breath on the back of her neck as he held it gently.

Something did happen in the next moment, and it did feel incredible, for the short heartbeats it lasted. But then pleasure turned to pain, after Flurrytail let out a screech and Fiercestorm sprang away in fear.

In the moment just after gratification had been fulfilled, Flurrytail had flipped over and lashed out in an untamed fury. Her claws scored against Fiercestorm's face when the tom had been too slow at getting off of her. Though despite her shriek, Fiercestorm saw that Flurrytail was in a curious state. While he began to feel the pain in his muzzle, she was on her back, breathless as he, her eyes sparkling with satisfaction.

"Sorry..." Flurrytail breathed. "I... hadn't... expected that." She sat up after a moment and started to lick herself.

"Neither had I..." Fiercestorm panted, his heart pounding from awe and his eyes watering from injury. "Are you all right?" he asked through his own pain.

There was a short pause, but as a reply, Flurrytail stopped her grooming and held his gaze for a moment. Then a wicked light danced in her eyes, and she resumed the rolling and rubbing that had captivated Fiercestorm in the first place....


Back in Sixclaw's den, ThunderClan's medicine cat waited for an answer. He tried to help. "Well, were you hunting or something else...?" Sixclaw asked.

"We..." Flurrytail mewed slowly, summoning the right way to put it. "We were... playing."

"Playing...?" Sixclaw didn't look convinced.

"Yes..." Flurrytail nodded, while Fiercestorm stared at her. Confusion glimmered in his eyes for a heartbeat, then it was replaced by pure wonder. Flurrytail continued, having regained her tongue, "We were playing a game, and I got a little carried away...."

Sixclaw looked at her, perplexed as to what sort of game resulted in a scratch such as Fiercestorm's. Perhaps, he considered, they'd just been play-fighting. Slowly, the medicine cat nodded to them both and slipped away to his herb store.

"You're incredible," Fiercestorm meowed, his scratch treated, as they got away from Sixclaw's den. "How did you do that, lying right to Sixclaw's face?"

"Well, it wasn't really a lie," Flurrytail persuaded. She pressed herself against him, causing both to sway a bit as she entwined her long tail with his. Flurrytail ran her cheek and head along Fiercestorm, encircling him as they walked.

"I wouldn't mind trying it again," Fiercestorm commented, allowing seduction to take hold of him. She was leading him back to where all of this had started.

"Wonderful," Flurrytail purred.

"I'll try to be gentler," Fiercestorm promised as they strolled through the Gorse Tunnel.

"I don't think it can be helped," Flurrytail admitted. "But it's all right...."

She gave his shoulder a quick lick.

"After all, what's pleasure without a little pain?"