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Navigation: Index Public Service Announcements 21 - Name Save System

For the first time in a very long time we're preforming a major system change. In this case it's one intended to prevent the accident use of names others are planning on for their apprentice and kitten characters. In accordance from the date of 3 April 2010 desired names placed in the notes of the character sheet will no longer reserve the name.

Information on the new means by which names for future name changes may be reserved is available at the Name Progression Department. It should be noted that two levels of approval are required.

The Area moderator must first approve the name as one that the leader doing the naming would grant.

A game administrator then reviews and validates the request as within game rules.

It should be noted that the moderator approval is withdrawn any time a leadership change happens in that clan, and the next leader of that clan might not grant the same name or the same reason.