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Children of StarClan: Champions of the Forest is a Play-By-Post Role Playing Game set in Erin Hunter's Warriors universe and geared towards the more mature roleplayer. CoSC accepts players of most writing levels (we expect basic writing skills and the ability to manage 2-3 sentence minimum posts) and any level of roleplay skill above beginner (CoSC is not geared or equipped to properly teach fundamental beginning roleplay skills, we expect you to come with them).

CoSC players are free to create a Clan cat, kittypet, or loner in a world where the kittypet once known as Rusty never set foot. Here, the happenings of the books don't exist and the forest itself is a harsher place with a more visceral, tribal vibe. This revised Warriors universe is one in which actions against the code and clan have consequences and modern human morals don't play into the choices the cats make.

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Long Sun '09 ended on 31 May 2017.
Lion's Glory '09 began on 1 June 2017 and will end on 31 August 2017.
Unnamed Blue Moon of '09 will begin on 1 September 2017


Previous: Long Sun (RL: 1 APR '16)
Next: Lion's Glory (RL: TBD)


Current: Long Sun (RL: 7 MAR '16) [THREAD]
Next: Lion's Glory (RL: TBA)


General: Lights, Camera, Action!; WC, 1FG09
Ceremony: Hear the Lion Roar; RC, 5FG09
Incident: I'm not touching you; TC, RC, WC, SC 12FG09
Court: May Day!; CoC 20FG09
General: There are Worlds in Her Eyes---Can You Say the Same?; CC, 11RP09
PGCMs: Thunder, River, Wind, Shadow; 14RP09
Plot: On No King's Land; CoC, CC 23RP09
General: The Stars Above; TC, 26RP09

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