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Who: Ravenblink, Heronflight, Sparrowsong, Brightsky, MCAs if applicable
Where: Highstones
When: 7th of Long Sun, at night
What: MC Meeting

shall we their fond pageant see?
Ravenblink padded up to Highstones, noting that he was again the first to arrive. It had been hot lately, too hot for his tastes, but too hot was better than too cold, and at least the prey was running well. But Crestedback's words from the previous medicine cats' meeting still rang in his mind. Hopefully tonight StarClan would provide further clarification. But, of course, StarClan would only do as they saw fit, and they did not always see fit to explain their omens in depth. What Ravenblink or anyone else hoped did not enter into the equation.

Ravenblink sat down and rested his tail lightly on his paws, waiting for the other medicine cats to arrive.

lord, what fools these mortals be!

Posted by Web on 8 March 2016 at 02:14.

((Brightsky would have brought Cedarpaw. We just have to pretend she's posting until after the 26th when Fae's LOA ends.))

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The she-cat moved through sacredmoor, her mottled pelt wouldn't have announced her presence if it wasn't for the creamy white on her throat, chest and paws. She slid the the grass that waved with the heat of the day still clinging to the earth. Long Sun was burning bright this year, and she hoped that didn't mean a long and dry summer like the one that had come with the Killingcough.

Her mind was on last moon and the strange warning that Crestedback had given. She wished she fully understood it already and wasn't praying for new information to be dropped between her paws as if her mother was giving her a live moust to practice on.

She cleared her mind and tried to push the worry from appearance when she saw the black furred tom already waiting at Mothermouth. That could only be Ravenblink. "How was your journey?"

Posted by Kitsufox (administrator) on 8 March 2016 at 19:02.

((And Heronflight brings Hailpaw))

Why so melancholy?
Heronflight strode steadily to Highstones, uncaring that she and her apprentice were the second to last to arrive. It wasn't a race after all, not in greenleaf. "Evening." Her meow was calm, but her mind was a wasp's nest as she tumbled StarClan's last message around in their head. She wanted more from them.

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Posted by Nagini on 9 March 2016 at 14:48.
Medicine Cat Apprentice
Cedarpaw had arrived alongside the long-furred WindClan medicine cat, and was gazing about with clear aqua eyes, his face alight with anticipation.

He offered Ravenblink a cordial nod, and then, when the RiverClanners arrived, one in the general direction of Heronflight and Hailpaw, but he felt content to remain quiet at the moment. The red-furred apprentice had ceased his attempts to overtly befriend the other medicine cats, though naturally he'd be delighted if (Hailpaw) one of them proved to be a friend to him. For now, he was quite happy to wait to hear what--if anything--Ravenblink would say in reply to Brightsky's question, even though, if truth be told, he wasn't all that curious. Trips through the Sacredmoor were routinely uneventful, and if anything out of the ordinary had happened, they'd surely say something right away, and not wait to be asked about their journey.

No, what Cedarpaw wanted to know was if StarClan would answer any of his questions about last moon's vision...

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Posted by Fae~o~the~Wind (administrator) on 2 April 2016 at 05:03.
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Hailpaw's thoughts lay somewhere in between the physical world and the starry lands of last moon's vision.

She was eager to know more.

Her innate want for knowledge and discovery quickened the beat of her heart. StarClan worked in mysterious ways, something she had learned to accept since the start of her career as apprentice of medicine. Still, Hailpaw couldn't shake the frustration she felt when those ways were too mysterious.

By no means did she expect for StarClan to leave everything at paw's reach. That would take the fun out of everything. But, the she-cat couldn't help but imagine the cats of StarClan gathered in a sort of spectral meeting, coming together to decide what riddle they would throw at the living next.

Her exterior demeanor was collected, and when she and her mentor joined the other Medicine Cats, she greeted the other-Clanners equally by manner of a short nod. Hailpaw decided not to direct any sarcastic body language or remark at Cedarpaw this time. She thought it inappropriate in this situation, and unbecoming of an older cat such as herself.

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Posted by Sterben on 22 April 2016 at 00:40.

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