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A StarClanner; Formerly a Elder of WindClan
A She-cat by Darkstalk out of LeafcloudBorn Silverkit in the Moon of Melting Waters (2005)* Died of Illness in the Moon of Melting Waters (2009)
Dead at the age of 52 moons (4 years)
and has been so for 5 moons (5 months).
Short Description :
A blue-eyed, silver furred she-cat with four savage scars on her right flank
Long Description :
Silverdust is a lean, medium-sized cat with short silver fur and a slightly lighter belly. Her frame is lithe but strong - or would be, if not for her stiff right hind paw and the four ugly, parallel scars running down her right flank, from her middle back to her hind paw. She is unable to walk with ease, and a simple stroll across the camp has proved too tiring to be done frequently. Jumping and running have become completely impossible for this she-cat, since they require the use of muscles no longer capable. Silverdust's muzzle is sharp and triangular, tipped by a small, dark gray nose; her eyes are big but slanted, of a clear gray-blue color that changes according to the light. Her paws and tail are long and slim, but what grace Silverdust's step once bore is now completely gone; she is unable to move her right hind paw, locked straight in its place, and she has an unnerving tendency to try and keep her right flank away from sight.
If her scarred appearance might hint on a sorrowful, suffering personality, Silverdust's self reveals to be quite the contrary. Gentle and kind to most cats who approach her, she refuses to acknowledge her physical inability - at times, straining her body beyond its endurance. Cheerful and lively, Silverdust has never really overcome her apprentice self, and is determined to keep herself that way. On her inner core, she fears to be a burden to the clan, and therefore keeps herself as busy and active as possible to avoid it. It's not uncommon to find her watching apprentices training or sharing tongues with the younger cats, willing she still made part of their ranks.

Underneath her sweet demeanor, there is a layer of irony and sarcasm, which Silverdust only shows to cats she trusts. She has a sense of humor, and will not hesitate to engage on light jokes about anything or anyone.

Recently, Silverdust has grown closer to several cats of WindClan - namely, Hollyfeather, Frostcloud and Blackstar. The approximation of the first two made Silverdust realize how she feels for Blackstar, and how mutual the feeling is.
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Full History :
Silverkit and Stonekit were offspring to Leafcloud from Darkstalk, the second litter of the pair. The two siblings were never close, though the love they shared was undeniable; while Stonekit was quiet, patient and secluded, Silverkit was her brother's counterpart, bright and lively, almost hyperactive. That trace of her personality was tempered with the added responsibility of being an apprentice, but it never really faded away.

Apprenticed to Fernsun while her brother was to their dame, Silverpaw was eagerly training to become a warrior when catastrophe struck her life for the first time. She was eight moons old; Leafcloud and Stonepaw went on a hunting patrol near the Falls and never returned, nor were their bodies found. Devastated, Silverpaw sheltered on her own liveliness to overcome the grief. Her clan played an essential part on that recovery, as well as the hope her family might have been taken to a Twoleg nest.

Silverpaw's eleventh month brought another tragedy - the event that would scar her for life. It happened, coincidentally, on another hunting patrol, this time near ThunderClan territory. Fernsun and Silverpaw were returning from their mission, and the prey carried on their mouths masked the scent of badger until it was too late. Taken by surprise, the two cats could do little against the creature - Fernsun was killed almost instantly, and Silverpaw, brutally raked by the badger, collapsed halfway back to camp.

It was fortune, or maybe StarClan's guidance, that led a WindClan patrol to where she lay. The she-cat managed to survive, and Thornpelt's careful care nursed her back to health. However, the scar tissue and mangled flesh have made impossible for her right hind paw to mend in its correct position, and now the bone is locked straight in an awkward position; any exertion placed on it made Silverpaw dizzy and nauseated with pain.

As she recovered, Doublestar named her a Warrior, shedding her apprentice name to become Silverdust (the second part being appended as a memorial for what would never be, for the sense of breaking and loss in the life of the she-cat), but soon enough it was clear the young cat couldn't keep up with Warrior's duties, becoming a premature Elder on account of her disability. As so, she has lived on henceforth, all the while striving to help her clan and ensure she still is - and will ever be - a capable WindClan cat.

Being restricted to the camp, Silverdust was quick to bond with her clanmates whenever possible. Never one to want to be bound to her den, sharing tongues with her clan became almost a necessity. Cloverkit became like a young sister; starting with the death of her denmate Roottail, Silverdust has grown close to the younger she-cat, and that connection has followed them throughout Clovewrkit's apprenticehood as Brightpaw and her medicine cat rank. Other friends of Silverdust include Frostcloud and Hollyfeather, whose liveliness much attract the silver she-cat. Blackstar is her close confident and mate; in past moons, the two have grown closer and found they complement each other's strengths.

In the Moon of Cheetah's Flight (2007), Silverdust found she was about to achieve one of her dreams - she was expecting kits, kits that would help WindClan to overcome their depletion in numbers by the Killingcough. Becoming a queen had long been one of her greatest desires, not the least of reasons the fact that it would allow her to temporarily shed the elder rank. Her kits were named Dovekit and Skykit.

In the Moon of Melting Waters (2008), Silverdust's kits became Dovepaw and Skypaw and were moved to the apprentices' den, while Silverdust was moved back to the elders' den. While she was proud of her kits become warrior apprentices, she was also slightly crestfallen at the ceremony, for it meant her return to the rank of elder and renewed sense of uselessness to the Clan.
Sire :
Darkstalk (A brown tabby bi-color tom with amber eyes)
Dame :
Leafcloud (A blue and white she-cat with a slight Oriental build and aqua eyes)
Full Siblings :
Brownstripe (A brown tabby she-cat with blue-green eyes)

Snailtail (A black bi-color tom with yellow eyes and a corkscrew tail)
Stonepaw (A solid gray tom with amber eyes)

Yellowtail (A white tom with black patches of fur and bright yellow eyes)
Offspring :
Dovepaw (A young pale fawn bi-color she-cat with light blue eyes)
Skypaw (A young pale gray bi-color tom with yellow eyes)
Genealogy & Pedigree
Silverdust Darkstalk Longwhisker (A slim ginger tom with abnormally long whiskers)
Dapplenose (A torbie she-cat with a white underbelly and amber eyes)
Leafcloud Kestreltail (A brown tabby tom with white legs and yellow-green eyes)
Yewvine (A blue mink Tonkinese she-cat with aqua blue eyes)
Significant Cats
Mated with :
Blackstar (A confident black bi-color tom with yellow eyes)
Mentor :
Fernsun (A longhaired golden tabby tom with white forepaws and amber eyes)
Mentor of :
Others :
Player's Notes
General :
Trivia information about Silverdust
Main character of Every cloud has a silver lining, written by Willow.
Featured in Moot Point, written by Willow.
Vol Populi :
About Silverdust
By Silverdust: Snailtail -
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Name Notes :
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Additional Details
Bans Information:
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Silverdust is a Female cat with Short Gray fur.
She is of Medium size and Semi-foreign build. She has Aqua eyes and a Normal tail. She is quarter Tonkinese.
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Silverdust Is A Part Of The Character Images Project and has been completed. (View)
Silverdust Is A Part Of The Character Images Project and has been completed. (View)
Silverdust Is A Part Of The Character Images Project and has been completed. (View)