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Medicine Cat of WindClan
A She-cat by Hawkpelt out of HaywhiskerBorn Cloverkit in the Moon of Melting Waters (2006)
Living at the age of 43 Moons (3 years & 4 months)
Short Description :
A golden-eyed longhaired brown marbled tabby she-cat with large paws, tail and ears
Long Description :
With a long, sleek brown tabby coat, Brightsky is a beautiful she-cat. White fur spills down throat and onto her chest, and tips her long, sinuous tail. Long, silky whiskers frame her pretty face, on which are two golden eyes. Her body is oddly devoid of any signs of fighting. This is because she has almost never fought in her entire life. Another interesting tidbit is the fact that with her comes always the delightful scent of herbs.
Brightsky is a calm, inquisitive cat. Her eyes are always kind and gentle. She is quite easily pleased, thus leading her to purr often. She is quick thinking, and rarely gets in trouble. Brightsky will always do what is told without hesitation, especially if her mentor, Thornpelt, tells her to do something; this is mostly because she wants to be the best medicine cat possible. Often she is discouraged if she doesn't do something right, but the feeling passes because of her happy disposition.
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Full History :
Cloverkit had never a chance to meet her mother, as Haywhisker died just as she kitted her and her sister, Oceankit. No one really knew what happened; something had just gone wrong. Hawkpelt, Cloverkit's father, was once a great warrior. Rogues had invaded and were in the territory while he was out hunting one day. Hawkpelt was outnumbered, so he sent for help. Yet it was too late, and he was killed. Ever since Cloverkit found out, her heart was crushed and she was never the playful young kit she once was. Recently, Cloverkit's dream has come true. She was apprenticed at 6 moons to Thornpelt as the medicine cat apprentice, and earned the name Brightpaw. During her apprenticeship, Brightpaw became very cautious and meticulous in the ways that she did her work with herbs and StarClan. This came from the worries about the Fisher and the strange disease that gripped WindClan. At her final medicine cats' meeting as an apprentice, the four medicine cats discovered a litter of newborn kits. They had been featured in a prophecy in the vision they had that night, and so each medicine cat took home one of the four kits. Brightpaw and her mentor, Thornpelt, took home Rowankit. In the same moon, Brightpaw was given her new name: Brightsky. She is now a full medicine cat.
Sire :
Hawkpelt (A brown marbled tabby tom)
Dame :
Haywhisker (A brown marbled tabby she-cat with long hair and a white muzzle)
Full Siblings :
Sparrowflight (A brown marbled tabby bi-color she-cat with gold eyes)
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Mated with :
Mentor :
Thornpelt (A ginger tom with long tail, big paws, and amber eyes)
Mentor of :
Cedarpaw (A red bicolor tom with mid-length fur and aqua eyes)
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