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Vox Populi (VP) is a system that creates a place on character sheets where players can add the feelings of there own character about the character in question. This provides more information about what other characters are feeling, and can provide interesting insights into RP and give a player new ideas for threads and interactions between characters.

Vox Populi is Mandatory

Every character is automatically eligible to have VP posted by others about it. In cases in which a VP page is not set up for a character, the user wishing to post that page may use the appropriate form and create the page for that character.

Conduct While Posting

When posting VP players are expected to stay in character, but be respectful of the character in question. It is understandable that some characters will rub one another the wrong way, but attacks against the player of a character through VP about their character are not acceptable.

If you feel you know of a case of inappropriate VP conduct, please inform Kitsufox.

Keeping Vox Populi Current

Users who post VP about other characters are expected to keep it current. If you feel VP on your character might be out of date, PM the player of the character who's opinions are posted and request that they review the information and provide updates if they deem it necessary. To make keeping one's VP up to date a list of characters you have provided opinions for appears in the Vox Populi section at the bottom of that character's sheet.

If the player does not respond in a reasonable ammount of time (a week or so) you may contact the Moderator (Leader Player) for your characters' area for intervention on the matter.